Android stinks and Apple’s about to prove it

“As I noted last month, Apple’s iOS is coming for Google’s Android operating system,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“Without even introducing a phone with the feature [larger display] that apparently keeps a considerable number of smartphone users away from Apple, iOS is gaining on Android,” Pendola writes. “And this isn’t a recent phenomenon. It’s been building since 2012. What do you think will happen when Apple doesn’t just give people what they reportedly want, but does it the right way?”

“It’s further decline and an eventual, if not immediate drop to number two for Android,” Pendola writes. “When you’re out in the wild, pay attention to the way people talk about their smartphones. And people do talk about their smartphones… If, however, you’re fiddling with a Samsung or some such when you bump into somebody there’s about zero conversation to have. Underwhelmingly, you just have a phone in your hand. It’s a phone. A nondescript piece of hardware you make calls and check your Facebook on. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. That’s doesn’t mean it’s complete crap. But it does mean that Android — as a cultural organism — stinks.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: People are waking up; they don’t want pretend iPhones, they want real iPhones. An iPhone with a larger screen option will hurt Samsung immeasurably more than myriad, unending traipses through the legal morass.

Also note: Last April, Yankee Group predicted that iPhone ownership in the U.S. will top Android by 2015.

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      1. Exactly. It’s only a matter of time before he misconstrues something Apple or one of the executives say/do as the end of the world, and proclaims that Apple will fail unless they fire Tim Cook.

        Or whatever his next idiotic bandwagon will be.

        (Seriously, can we just, collectively, turn our backs on Rocco and pretend he doesn’t exist? Maybe if we exclude him, he’ll go away and find some other group to annoy.)

    1. This article stinks of Sams Dung paying Pendola to flesh out Sams Dung’s theory that Apple is using Sams Dung to get at Gcrookle through Assdroid..

    1. If that is the case then why is it that the better Android phones can do everything an iPhone can do just as well and many things better and then do things the iPhone cannot do as wel?

  1. I think increasingly what is being born out by the numbers is, that people buy an Android phone due to the perceived low entry cost and the carriers pushing them because of small to no subsidy payments. Use it for awhile (or as long as their contract requires), then decide to simply pay more and get something better. Again, looking at these numbers, a lot of folks from 2-4 yrs ago (average length of contracts) are now dumping their Android phones and upgrading to iPhones these days.

    1. The people I know who have android phones have them because either they cannot afford an iPhone or they are Google aficionados. I cannot fault either one for their choice. They seem to get what they want from the devices as far as I can tell.

          1. Rob,
            Angry about something? I do not see anything wrong with the previous comment.

            Buy what you like. Like what you buy. I see VERY few apple users that are angry at android or PC users.
            Most of them ; myself included) get upset when an android or PC user makes angry, mean, and just vicious comments cause they are mad that I use apple hardware.

            I just do not see the need to attack people for what they use.
            Just saying.

  2. We have 7 engineers at our branch – 3 have iPhones, the rest have Android phones.
    When an engineer has a photo of an item they want me to order for a job I ask them to email or blue-tooth the pics to me so I can deal with them on my iMac.

    The iPhone users just get on with it and the pics are are on my iMac in a matter of seconds.

    The Android pics either:
    …take 2 days to arrive
    …never turn up
    …the engineer has to go home so they can cable connect to their laptop and only then email me the pics so I have to wait until the morning
    …or they just completely lose the pics and I have to try another avenue to pin the parts down.

    It seems Android either make it difficult to do this routine stuff or make it just too incredibly slow to be practical.

    All android phones should come with a health warning: this device will drive up your blood pressure as you pace around the room with frustration once you try to do the most basic simple thing. If you get a migraine or go nuts trying to get it to work be kind to yourself and throw it in the canal and then go out and get a proper (i)Phone!

    1. Totally agree. I knew a guy ( who was very proud of his android phone) and we both took a picture of his boat.
      I snapped the pictures and headed home.

      As I was leaving, he was still mumbling and trying to get to the right menu to take the picture.

      Ps and some engineers are two trick ponies. I have an AS degree in electro mechanical eng and many years exp with high volume electronics mfg.
      I also have a BS in aerospace eng and work at a NASA launch facility.

      Just saying. 🙂

    2. But…but…but… the Android gives you the freedoms man. They can choose from any camera app as their default camera app and any app as their default photo album app and any app as their email default and on top of that they have bloatware of each from Samsung and then they have to figure out how to use each one so they go online and figure out what version of Android they have, get distracted by rooting it, and then, what did you want again?

  3. An engineer concerned with efficiency would be using an iPhone and Mac.

    Good engineers make things simple, even though it is difficult to do.

    Bad engineers often make things complex…because they have the ability to do that.

  4. What the World really needs is an alternative to Android. A good free open source alternative. Only then Android will be doomed. I was rooting for Tizen but apparently Samsung backtracked. Maybe FirefoxOS will grow, who knows…

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