Apple kills the Windows PC and no one seems to mind

“When you go get a new computer these days you don’t buy a personal computer, you get a Mac — and with its move to cut prices Apple’s is tightening its grip on the ailing PC market,” Jonny Evans writes for TheStreet. “The cheapest MacBook Air yet warns of a huge problem for other PC makers — and there’s almost nothing they can do about it. Add iPad sales, and Apple is already the world’s biggest PC maker. IDC and Gartner may resist making that calculation, but Office runs on iPads now and their analytical blind spot doesn’t change a thing.”

“Apple says it sold 4.1 million Macs in its last quarter, up 5 percent. Macs have gained share for 31 of the last 32 quarters – that’s in stark contrast to the 1.7 percent decline across the wider PC market. Sure, Apple’s 4.1 million remains a minority, but it doesn’t sell servers and doesn’t compete in budget PC sales — or didn’t… It does now.,” Evans writes. “Cutting MacBook Air prices isn’t all the company is planning — there’s talk it plans reducing iMac costs this year. MacBook Air and iMac are two of the company’s most popular consumer-focused lines.”

MacDailyNews Note: That rogue quarter where Apple Mac failed to gain share was due to a mistake, admitted to by CEO Tim Cook, where Apple failed to have anywhere near enough (or any) iMac avaialble for Christmas 2012. Otherwise, it would have been 32 for 32.

“Consumers on a budget check prices, and they’re beginning to get wise to the hidden costs of PC ownership: Software upgrades, application prices and malware protection are extra costs when they look at the PC, but when they look at a Mac they know they also get free system upgrades, productivity apps and little or no malware problems,” Evans writes. “These price cuts mean Apple’s slice of the market is going to grow at the expense of an even wider segment of the PC market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Die, Windoze, die!

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  1. Actually Apple makes windoze an app on your MacBook Air, if that’s what you need. I do and have been using Parallels on a mid-2013 MacBook Air with the 512 GB drive. Meets my needs for windows activity and I’m never without a Mac.

    1. I remember being very distraught over the Mac in 1998. Jobs had just been back a year, and nobody new what they could do to save their hide. I was, and still am, a die hard Mac guy. I did not want to lose the computing experience I’ve come to know and respect with the Mac.

      So it was amazing when Apple came out with a funny colored all-in-one CRT based computer called the iMac. They sold like crazy, Apple was saved, and Jobs was vindicated. Add to the mix a nice looking laptop, (except for the toilet seat MacBook), and Apple really took off.

      And to think, four years earlier, people were lined up in long lines around city blocks to buy Windows 95. Microsoft said Apple would be dead in two years. At the time I believed it.

  2. “Add iPad sales, and Apple is already the world’s biggest PC maker. IDC and Gartner may resist making that calculation”

    it always amusing to see how the analyst firms message the data to fit their needs. These firms sell reports to manufacturers for them to put together business plans, to sell shares, to get bank loans etc. It seems that they NEED to keep PCs alive (for all their PC related clients) and spread the Android domination myth .

    For Android they pull stats out of their heads (since most manufacturers don’t release sales numbers) and count everything including phones with no wifi, can’t run apps as ‘smartphones’ (all android phones even flip phone replacements are ‘smartphones’ to some analysts) and even Android digital photo frames are ‘tablets’.

    For PCs, for years they counted WINDOWS tablets as PCs but when the iPad was launched they didn’t count the iPad. According to them Windows tablets have a FULL COMPUTING OS while iPad iOS does not. Yet they count PCs used as things like point of sale registers, attached to weighing machines, as part of devices like medical scanners as ‘full PCs’. This is to please their many PC OEM clients (how is PC manufacturer going to use an IDC , NPD report to get a bank loan if the data shows PCS SINKING EVEN WORST than reported? )

    I remember a video of a NPD rep explaining to a reporter why they counted Windows Tablets as PCs but not the iPad. When asked whether they counted the HP Windows Slate tablet, they said ‘Yes’. then the reporter asked whether they would count HP using Web OS (which they had just bought from Palm) on a tablet instead of windows, the NPD rep was stunned and was gasping like a fish unable to answer ….

    1. In fairness the categorization of computing devices is rather complex and has different objectives depending on perspective audience for the data.

      Say you’re a developer… Platform share is important based on what you’re actually able to develop for. So an iPad is different from a Mac, but a Surface Pro is not different from a PC. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple because if you develop for a Mac and an iPad you could possibly quickly port over much of the work.

      As you pointed out, even counting PCs that fit the classic definition of box, keyboard, mouse, hard drive/SSD, monitor, etc… isn’t entirely accurate for the developer market since some of those PCs have no chance of ever having your software installed on it since it’s a POS or medical device.

      That’s why if you subscribe to these reporting services, they often have the numbers broken down into demographics and can provide better context so developers, for example, can look at Mac’s market share and put it in the context of how much more likely per unit they are to buy software and how much they’re willing to spend.

      A similar situation is found with accessory vendors, consulting services and other industry decision makers looking at these numbers.

      Overall, if you’re looking at greatest composite footprint, there’s value in that beyond just the fanboy perspective. Web developers have to pay close attention to these numbers, but the more immediate representation comes from their own logs or from web usage share numbers which do break down in all sorts of detailed demographics.

      Finally, there’s the overall weight of the backing of the platform, which can be seen in the financial reports of the companies themselves involved in each platform. Of course this is where Apple shines the most. Anyone hoping to invest in a platform, like iPads as kiosks or widespread employee/student distribution, can easily see how successful a platform is by judging how well the companies behind it are doing with the platform. Apple is obviously very strong both as a company and in terms of return on the iPad. Microsoft is a strong company, but weak in terms of return (loss) on the Surface.

      TL;DR: These reports are all each individual variables, none of which paint a whole picture, but provide value as-is for different audiences depending on the perspective one is trying to obtain data.

  3. They day the corporate world decides to switch to Mac is they day MS will dwindle and die.

    It’s not happening now and it’s not happening anytime soon. I know because I got a new PC with Windows 8.1. I’m not an exception. This is why MS is always making billions in profits and can afford to BLOW BILLIONS on wasted stupid ideas and products without going bankrupt. They can afford to wear down the competition until they can’t afford to keep up when MS catches on and builds a good enough or better mousetrap. It can take years and several Billions of Dollars wasted for MS? but they can afford it. The automatic cash register is constantly ringing in new money.

      1. No. My first Mac is 512K Fat Mac and has been my primary for home and sometimes use for business. Only if the client/work approves virtualization use for Windows in the past. For home it’s always a Mac since I switched back in 85 or 86, I’m getting old can’t remember exactly when. lol But for this work I have to use Windows PC/8.1 no virtualization per CIO/IT doofuses.

        1. My sentence is messed up. lol I meant to say and My primary at home as has always been a Mac. I even have a TAM in perfect condition stored away in its original packaging and box.

    1. I’d love that to happen, but I don’t see how. One of the reasons that large enterprises like PCs is that they can force the various assemblers to compete for their big-volume business. If you don’t like Dell’s prices, you can threaten to go to Lenovo.

      These types of businesses would be scared to put Macs on every desk, paranoid that Apple, the single manufacturer of the machines their business depends on, could hold them hostage for higher prices.

      I’m not saying this is a legitimate fear. I’m just saying that’s how they think.


  4. I can’t believe PC users have put up with the junk thrown at them every day for this long ! Advertisements popping up in apps, half ware ,security scams and upgrades , constant fear to the point no pc user actually uses outlook preferring google to peruse their sensitive mail fore keywords and targeting adds to them. its like using the bathroom at the Port of Authority bus station in new york . Yes its cheap but YEEECH !

  5. Another one of the IT doofuses at work completely went full retard today. He was running around the office stark naked and screaming something about Steven Sinofsky and the Metro gui. Fortunately he was tackled by security and quickly tasered into submission. Everybody thought they were going to die for a moment.

  6. MacBook Air and iMac are two of the company’s most popular consumer-focused lines.

    That may be true but I LOVE my Mac Mini (Server Edition). Hoping for a refresh to this “forgotten” line soon.

  7. Ten or twelve years ago, I remember being in the audience at an animation convention where people were performing skits on stage. I don’t remember what the skit was, only that the punchline was “get a Mac”. The crowd laughed, except for this insecure Windows putz seated directly behind me. “2% market share really doesn’t do it for me,” he said to everyone around him, apparently thinking that to be a clever comeback to defend his OS of choice.

    I didn’t say anything, because unlike him, I knew how to behave when you’re watching a show, but I wanted to ask this idiot if that’s all that really mattered to him, that more people used Windows. Who gave a sh*t whether it actually worked, right?

    Well, hopefully by now this guy has a Mac. (Or is miserable. Or dead.) After all, the Mac is now both better and popular, so all the insecure market share followers can happily buy one without worrying that they’re going to be stigmatized or something.


  8. Apple will kill the PC manufacturers first before M$. The former has low margins and are fighting for the scraps of profit in the business that Apple don’t already take.
    M$ still have legacy installations and service contracts to pump up their margins.

  9. 3 Windows stories for today.

    1. I got a new 27″ iMac in my office this week. Since our firm needs to run some Windows software, I had to load Parallels and Windows 7 on it. After loading Windows 7 I had to load 165 Windows updates. 165 freakin’ updates. How is that even possible?

    2. A new lawyer started in our firm on Monday. He has only ever used Windows. When he sat at his desk in front of his new Mac he started looking for the box. He couldn’t believe the computer was all enclosed in the monitor. BTW, after two days he really likes that Mac. Another Switcher.

    3. Another lawyer in our firm comes into my office and wants to buy Dragon dictation so he can dictate on the computer like a PC. I said, NO. Dictation is built into Mavericks and then showed him how to use it. He is now like a pig in mud.

    Bottom line, with a Mac you don’t need to buy a lot of extra crap like you do with a PC. Second bottom line, after using a Mac people never, ever go back to the dark side.

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