Apple approaching fundamental and technical harmony

“With an earnings beat, Tim Cook has put Apple stock in a position to succeed sooner than it otherwise would have,” Jason Schwarz writes for Seeking Alpha. “Earnings surprises have been difficult to come by in the Cook era. The latest stock rise of 8% is its biggest single day jump in more than two years.”

“Tim Cook’s timing of the stock split, dividend and buyback looks to be perfectly in sync with a return to fundamental growth,” Schwarz writes. “There’s no question that this earnings report marks a pivotal point in Apple’s breakout. As long as Apple is appreciating as its own asset class there is little reason to diversify into other holdings.”

Schwarz writes, “Most of us remember what it’s like to invest in Apple when it’s running time. There’s nothing else like it. Today we sold the 5% allocation of UA and we’re also selling a 15% allocation of QQQ in order to free up additional cash for Apple.”AAPL, analyst upgrades, Apple, Apple 7-for-1 stock split, Apple buybacks, Apple dividend, Apple iTV, Apple price target, Apple Q214 earnings, Apple stock, Apple stock split, Apple TV, Horace Dediu, iPad, iPad unit sales, iWatch, new categories, new products, Q214 iPad sales, Tim Cook

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      1. I think it is something big, maybe the ” iWatch”. I think it will incorporate health sensors & monitoring, act as a notification screen for iPhones and have Touch ID somehow built in. There were some rumors about NFC in the iPhone 6, but that would make more sense in the ” iWatch ” with Touch ID.

        Who knows?

  1. I didn’t wonder.
    I didn’t notice,
    I cannot remember if I have been told that Apple is dead,
    Because I am dreaming of KingMel’s order!
    it is quite delicious and nutritious in my dreams and aids in combating misguided anal ystszzzzzzzz,
    Snorrrrrr, Sleep eatingzzzzzzzzzz, Snorrrrrr!!!

  2. The reason behinds high expectation for Apple is after the magic of iPhone, it is hard for annalists or the press accepted anything less. They wanted Apple innovate iPhone could cough up iGold, iDollar, iGourmetDinner, iLove, iCar, iHouse, iBeautiful, iHandsome. 🙂

  3. As someone who’s never invested before but would like to start putting some money into AAPL at a rate of about a share per month, what site/broker would all of you recommend?

    It’s true that there’s a psychological advantage to splitting the stock for smaller investors. I feel like I can buy twelve-or-so shares a year now as opposed to just two.

    1. is a very good discount broker, and affordable. Plus they have 24/7 help line and numerous branch offices where you can meet reps and handle paperwork or questions.

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