After a decade of innovation, Apple’s well has run dry or something

“Apple put on a great show for investors in its earnings report yesterday after the stock market closed,” Howard Gold scribbles for MarketWatch. “The company reported quarterly earnings that were much better than analysts had expected on stronger-than-anticipated iPhone sales. Apple said it would return $130 billion to investors through 2015. And it announced a seven-for-one stock split, which would make it much easier for retail investors to buy the shares.

Gold blathers, “But iPad sales were very disappointing, and the company announced no new products, nor would it give guidance on when they might be coming.”

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because Apple always waits for conference calls to unveil new products. 😉

Gold rattles on, “Apple’s three great innovations of the 2000s were rolled out three to four years apart.”

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s be exact, shall we? Facts speak louder than, you know, lies.
• iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod.
• iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone.
• Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 2 years, 8 months, and 1 day.

Gold drivels, “Apple caught lightning in a bottle three times in the 2000s. In 2014, a new and improved iPhone 6 just won’t be enough. The barriers for innovation are much higher now but the stakes are higher still.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: This insipid moron’s twaddle has been iCal’ed for future use.


  1. “…the company announced no new products, nor would it give guidance on when they might be coming.”

    Funny and Apple is widely known for announcing new products at quarterly earnings reports & conference calls too. NOT!

    What a complete imbecile.

      1. You should read the commentary at Market Watch all of the other idiots calling Apple a “dead stock,” no longer innovating because Steve Jobs is dead, etc.. The usual disingenuous cliche’s from the iHaters. Unbelievable. Wonder what excuse these jokers will use next when Apple has it’s next new product explosion? Talk about terminal denial when unreasoning hatred meets reality.

    1. Dreamworld crosses over into reality!
      In my dreams, anyone called Gold or who has Gold in their name is a baddy, for example, Laura Goldman, Gold finger, goldman Sucks and now Howard Gold from Howards end in my dreams has crossed into reality by adopting the Gold moniker!

      Zzzzzzzz, Snorrrrr, Incredulous disbesleep bloggingzzzz, Snorrrrr!!!!

      1. Look, if its alright to call ‘colour” “color”, “Aluminium” “Aluminum”, “Solder” “Soder”, then surely we can call a “Whore” a “Hore”.

          1. I too am stickler for proper English. I often need help myself…..but hey, I try.

            So, believe it or not I WAS rebuking them. I thought I would shame them by remembering all the other atrocities. I guess it didn’t work.

            1. Americans, during and after the Revolution of Independence or whatever they called it, got the Fathers of Independence to teach those Bloody Brits a thing or two. They sat down and proceeded to misspell several English words.

              The Brits were so outraged they threw the Yanks out of the British Empire saying “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

  2. I have a hunch that serious investors ignore Marketwatch and CNBC. I do. Not that I’m a smart investor, nor do I consider myself to be smart. That’s for others to decide. But the humorous insight from our boys at MDN is spot-on.

    And to think that click-whores like Gold get paid for their garbage. And that they multiply. And that they walk among us. Color me terrified.

    We fanboys have had to endure this endless cavalcade of utter stupidity for years. It saddens me in a larger sphere that America is a nation of critics and armchair quarterbacks. Of doubters and haters. Of people with neither imagination nor vision. For the inventor, it makes their world a more lonely place, a right-brain struggling amid a left-brain world. But when the right brains of this world win, it must be that much sweeter.

    People like Gold add no value to society. They just make noise, sow fear and doubt and take up space. They can’t see the obvious, nor can they see beyond it. They can’t see where the puck will be headed, fear the disruption that inventions can create, and do everything in their power to destroy progress.

    I loathe negative people. I loathe people who create inertia out of fear and prejudice. What pitiful, miserable, tortured souls they are. That the few visionaries are imbued with the persistence of belief, the stubborn refusal to quit and when needed, the arrogance to ignore those who can’t see the future makes me applaud them and gives me hope.

    It’s sad the world has to be like this.

  3. And in other news today, Amazon announced a profit of $108 Billion…..NO WAIT!!! hold the presses, it’s a $108 MILLION!

    And all the analysts rejoiced and the Amazon shares go up and up with a PE approaching infinity.

    Apple makes 10 BILLION every three months and we get stupid stories like this article and the stock bouncing between 500 to 570 for a few years.

  4. I still think the magic is gone at  and that Cook is still riding the vestiges of Jobs’s visions…instead of “great products in the pipeline” becoming realities, the Cook era  has become a stream of lawsuits and a political, touchy-feely agenda.

    1. The magic never left. Apple is still America’s most profitable company, and iOS still has the most Internet users. iPhone and iPad combined has more markets are than all flavors of Android, and most Android devices are given as part of BOGO deals through a cell provider. I just don’t see how people can be so short-sighted about this. Apple makes great products, so, at least to me, Apple still has it.

        1. Don’t forget, the 5s was no small accomplishment. It caught the rest of the smartphone world with it’s head up their collective butt, and it’ll take years to get where Apple was 6 months ago on the design of the phone. The magic is still there, and the we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. The 64 bit iPads and the 64 bit software will be pouring in over the next year.

      1. James, please do not feed the trolls, this,,, ahem,,, person(?) was bestowed with a keyboard, which unfortunately distracted him from picking fleas off his next-0-kin, so now we have to look at the names of the posters to know when to skip. I actually almost skipped yours, but saw you sincere and thoughtful, so i wanted to help you understand. There will always be people like vinky-bot spewing whatever they randomly pound out of that keyboard. don’t feed them, and hope maybe they will die

        1. So an alternative opinion from one of the most prolific and insightful MDN posters deserves to die?

          How callous, arrogant and dismissive.

          An indelible stain on your Apple cheerleading uniform, junior.

    2. Cuz, you know, Apple didn’t file lawsuits during the Jobs era. I also am waiting to see what Ive can produce without Jobs, but it has absolutely no relationship to the number of lawsuits filed or Apple choosing to be more publicly address environmental issues.

      1. It might have occurred to you that back then, Apple had no need to fight law-suits in the courts, because rapacious competitors weren’t trying to steal their IP every second of the day.

    3. I hope you’re wrong. I do think you’re wrong. But there’s still a chance you’re right. So let me offer some alternative thinking on the matter, from my experiences there.

      In the early 90s a lot of Apple folks left to go to work for Microsoft. You couldn’t really blame them: They had families and careers to think about and Apple was dying and Microsoft was embracing, extending and extinguishing the competition. I kept in touch with some of these folks. What they learned from Microsoft was to think big. To think beyond the answer to the question that would be asked once the first question had been answered. Call it “where will the puck be?” if you want. But thinking big was paramount.

      Fast forward to Apple today, even more so than when Steve was still alive: Apple has more money than anyone and is making more money every quarter than anyone else. Alas, Steve is gone. But Apple is still thinking big since they have the money to both bet big and wait to get it right. Those are parameters few of us have experience with and so we don’t trust the foreign concept. Even if Apple is only working on something as revolutionary as the iPad, I think it’s taking longer to “get it right” because they don’t have Steve there to sense/feel the rightness, or to quash any quarrels taking place. But that only means it’s taking longer. They may not get it right. We’ll see.

      But from all that I see they’re still hard at work creating the next great thing. So I’m going to put one hand over one eye and choose to not see your fears as correct. And I won’t peek out through my fingers for a few more months.

  5. These guys are unreal. And while the iPad was a category-creating/busting product, let’s be real about it — the iPad is really just a large iPhone. The hard part for Apple was developing iOS and the iPhone hardware, not the iPad hardware.

    So that puts a more realistic 5 years 7 months 19 days between the iPod and iPhone as a true measuring stick of new product development. And really, that is just silly. It was about 30 years from the Mac to the iPod.

    I’m just always blown away at these analysts who are amazed that Apple can’t just innovate on demand. It takes more than wishful thinking.

  6. Dug himself into the shit pit:
    Howard Gold who scribbles for MarketWatch.

    Yes Howard YES! Oh the sadism just turns me ON! WHiP that Apple! WHip it good! The better to make an utter fool out of you when the dam bursts and the latest deluge of Apple cool hits the streets. DO it Howard, DO IT HARDER! 😛

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