Leonardo DiCaprio eyed to star in Steve Jobs biopic

“Moving fast to replace David Fincher on its highly anticipated Steve Jobs movie, Sony Pictures is in talks with Danny Boyle to direct the biopic of the late Apple Computer co-founder,” Kim Masters reports for The Hollywood Reporter. “Boyle is said to have approached Leonardo DiCaprio to star… Fincher had wanted Christian Bale for the title role, though the actor was not signed.”

“The film is to be produced by Scott Rudin and written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), based on the best-selling biography of Jobs by Walter Isaacson,” Masters reports. “Film 360’s Guymon Casady and Mark Gordon are also producers on the film.”

Masters reports, “The Jobs film could mark a reteaming of DiCaprio and Boyle, the star and director, respectively, of 2000’s The Beach. Neither has previously worked with Sorkin.”

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      1. In the movies, they have these people who specialize in something they call ‘make-up’ and they can do magic. The actors have taken classes in the past for the art of ‘acting’ and can often behave like real people from other walks of life.

        On the other hand, Christian Bale is a jerk.

        1. No, not like that. And he knew as the star that he could act like an asshole and get by with it. Ever hear of Tom Hanks pulling a stunt like that? Anywhere else and he would’ve got the shit knocked out of him. And as for the apology……… that was his agent telling him he’d better scramble to get out of a hole. He’s a prick.

        2. Bad day? How about a complete lack of sensitivity towards other ‘lesser’ beings? He has shown by his actions that he is the centre of the world. Two sentences would be more than enough if he was thoughtful and considerate of other’s feelings. A whole diatribe like he delivered puts him in a different category. I can forgive him if he shows compassion to others for a few years.

  1. I thought Christian Bale would have been so good as Steve Jobs. I’m a hit scared of him and thought he could act the angry Steve well.

    The other one I am totally not scared of. Leonardo DiCaprio? Who’s she? 🙂

  2. I know I might get flamed but I have to kind of agree with Hillary when it comes to this… “What difference, at this point does it make?” By the time they figure who gets the starring role, who gets to direct, film it, edit it and get it to market will be how many years after Steve’s passing? Sadly Steve is gone. He was a once in a lifetime genius, like Edison, but I don’t think he has the coattails that a movie about him will only have broad appeal amongst the Apple faithful and will not garnish success being this late in the game.

    It’s like sending a belated Birthday greeting card 6 months instead of a few days after the fact. Really?!? Why bother.

    1. In other words, Steve Jobs was interesting only when he was still warm in his grave. Three years later, nobody remembers him anymore and making a film about such a nobody is now worthless…

      They really shouldn’t have made a film about Lincoln. Who would watch it today, 140 years after his death???

  3. OMG, this film went from Oscar caliber epic to the trash heap in just a couple weeks. Fincher and Bale would’ve been an unstoppable combination. Sony really fscked up; I wouldn’t care if Finch wanted $20 million up front and a blowjob from every member of the Sony board, you cough up the money and then swallow the money shot.

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