Brotens intros new Mac-only lighting CAD software ‘Illuminando’

“An Italian software developer has introduced a brand new program called Illuminando, noted as the world’s most advanced lighting calculation program — built uniquely on OS X,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh.

“Brotens software has introduced Illuminando, a brand new OpenGL native Mac OS X based CAD software application for performing lighting calculations using 3D interactive tools,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “The company is claiming it is the most advanced lighting calculation application in the world.”

“It’s not every day a cutting edge new application in a market vertical comes out uniquely for Mac OS X only,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “The developers actually have four OS X lighting-centered applications and this is the latest comprehensive calculation and visualization application for 3D lighting design. There is some impressive tech here, wrapped in a nice and clean UI.”

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  1. this has nothing to do with adobe type software it is specific for light designers to calculate lumens in architectural situations . i loaded a trial (Im a cad designer) and was hoping it would be a mac application for rendering .3dm or .stl files that was better than Flamingo or maya this app has a long way to go it has already hit my trash can Adobe is safe (and has crummy renderers for 3-d anyhoo !

    1. This is for Architectural, Interior, Structural & Lighting Designers, not Adobe software users…

      Also Computer Aided Drafting CAD people are not “designers” that are computerized drafters, which is perfectly fine too. ( I’m an Architect / ID / Designer )

  2. Found out about it from this article. Bought it. Already sent in a couple of bugs. 🙂

    It costs $50.00 all in. The (Windows only) competition is AGI32 and costs $900 to start and for every major upgrade which come out frequently (it’s V14.6 right now). Plus there are a couple of expensive add-on programs, the functions of which are included with Illuminando.

    And AGI32 is a typical Windows program— ugly, inelegant, and incomplete.

    I’m hoping for the best from Illuminando.

    Mike, LC Emeritus

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