iPhone 6 renders based on recent case leaks show off rumored edge-to-edge screen

Nowhereelse.fr has commissioned designer Martin Hajek to mockup the iPhone 6, using the most recent leaks about the upcoming device,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The renders use the supposed iPhone cases pictured on Wednesday and leaked schematics from late March to envisage the look of the future iPhone,” Mayo reports. “Naturally, the most striking change is the display, stretching almost edge-to-edge.”

“Going to an edge-to-edge screen (thereby minimizing the width of the size bezels) means that the physical dimensions of the phone will not get much bigger than the current iPhone 5s design,” Mayo reports, “despite the significant screen-size increase from 4 to roughly 4.7 inches diagonally.”

iPhone 6 concept rendering
iPhone 6 concept rendering

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  1. The Moto X puts a 4.7 inch screen in a form factor barely larger than the iPhone. As long as Apple uses a physical Home button and makes the top bezel symmetrical to the bottom, their designs will never be as space-efficient as phones that are almost all screen. Of course iOS doesn’t lose a bottom strip of screen for the navigation controls like Android does.

  2. Enough. Have rumor sites (MDN included) not learned to avoid trusting case makers’ claims that they know the privy details of the next iPhone? It costs nothing to make a fake case moulding and claim that they have details, when in fact that they don’t. All it does is get them publicity in DigiTimes. Until Apple actually issues the new iPhone and releases the specific measurements and specs, believe nothing. Ignore the BS and speculation. This article is hysteria, not fact.

    MDN: Please, please stop this BS!

  3. I love the all black version of it. Looks incredibly cool. The render doesn’t give it the air of sophistication of the 4 or 5 with their sharp lines and precision build, but it looks hot anyway.

  4. Hahaha. doesn’t look much different from a ‘flop’ 5c EITHER.
    that meeeeeeans, 5c looks a lot like the first iPhone, and no one ever noticed yet. me neither. well I am a proud owner of a 5c and i got it cos I think it is one perfect design. no one ever talked about that. whatever. just sayin’.
    I wish you all a good day, but don’t forget to feed the guinea pigs.

  5. Yeah, I can live with that. Really, all I ask for is an improvement in an already excellent camera, and a bump to 128Gb storage.
    Processor improvements are a given anyway, and a bigger screen in a compact form-factor sounds just the ticket.

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