Obama considers selfie ban after Big Papi’s Samsung stunt

“Red Sox slugger David Ortiz might have snapped the last White House selfie,” S.A. Miller reports for The New York Post.

“President Obama is considering a ban on selfies with White House guests after Ortiz apparently used his opportunity to plug corporate sponsor Samsung, White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer said Sunday,” Miller reports. “‘[The president] obviously didn’t know anything about Samsung’s connection to this, and perhaps maybe this will be the end of all selfies,’ Pfeiffer said on CBS’ Face the Nation. ‘In general, whenever someone tries to use the president’s likeness to promote a product, that’s a problem with the White House,’ he added.”

“Samsung has been called out about it by the White House, Pfeiffer said,” Miller reports. “‘Well, we’ve had conversations with Samsung about this and expressed our concerns,’ he said. Pfeiffer didn’t say if legal action would be brought against Samsung. Pressed by host Bob Schieffer to relay what Samsung’s response was to the White House complaints, Pfeiffer demurred. ‘We’ll leave that conversation between the lawyers,’ he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. You are moronic. It has nothing to do with selfies, but using the office of the President (regardless of political party) to be used for commercial purposes.

      1. Didn’t Clinton use the “office” for blow jobs? Wouldn’t be too worried about commercialization of the Presidency as it doesn’t hold too much esteem any more.

        1. especially after GWB who can not step onto the soil of most countries of the world w/o being arrested and brought before the Hague.

          And if blowjobs help bring this country to economic prosperity of the 90’s then it should be mandated that President’s get them. Guarantee GWB didn’t get a bj, and look what he did to the country 2 Unfunded wars while giving the 1% tax cuts, worse economic disaster in nearly 80 years, turned a surplus into record debt, created more terrorists while saying “I just don’t think about Osama that much”. Seems GWB should have started painting before he became president/Decider in Chieft. Same with Hitler.

        2. It never takes long for Americans to reduce it to commerce and money – suggesting that your President has blow-jobs if it makes you all rich.

          I cannot imagine the British Queen, the French President, the Spanish King, the Italian President or the German President permitting themselves to have taken ‘selfies’ in such a vulgar and populist way.

  1. The WH will not do anything about the IRS, Fast and Furious, $17T deficit, Syria, Iran, Bengazi but, we will put the full weight of the WH behind no more WH selfies!! Congratulations you are officially the worst president ever (at least Jimmy Carter is smiling!)

          1. more like half-truths and distortions. And exactly who started Fast & Furious, it wasn’t Obama, it was Bush you idiot.

            He appointed the IRS dept head that went after not just TEA party PACs since they all WANTED TAX EXEMPT status but also liberal/progressive PACS, it was guess WHAT a BUSH APPOINTEE. Obama can not even get his appointees into office because of the total brinkmanship and obstruction that congress has been practicing.

            17T in debt, most of which came from the unfunded wars BUSH started, with another Trillion from Bush Tax cuts and Medicare Part D that Bush presided over.

            Benghazi is nothing but trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s funny, you know how many times diplomatic buildings have been attacked since 2001? a lot more than the ONE time people died while Obama is president. Yet there hasn’t been much of a stink about any of those attacks, especially not anything like the constant hill meetings they have over Benghazi…

            The republican tea party is grasping at straws and so is this idiot who thinks has a point. Facts are not in the wheelhouse of people on the right. Michelle Bachman even tried to blame the president for the latest Ft. Hood shootings. You guys have jumped the shark and have become such a parody of yourselves, its so predictable and desperate. Cause you know that party is going the way of the dinosaur quicker than a meteor strike. Their constituents are dying and no one is going to replace them. Even with the extreme gerrymandering the party can not win at the national level. In another 5-10 years there will be nothing left of the right other than senile, evil, old farts with nothing but hate in their heart dying of cancer in a hospice. So enjoy the last death screams of the Jim crow supporters. Even the Koch brothers money can not buy them immortality.

        1. Plot idea for a movie: 97% of the world’s scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billionaires and oil companies.

  2. There’s probably not much that can be done from a legal standpoint, but I think that a lot can be done to make people realise that such desperation for publicity at all costs is unacceptable.

    Nobody expects Samsung to be classy, but there again, there are limits below which one might hope that even Samsung would not have slipped, but in this case they overstepped that line by a huge margin.

    Sadly the end result is that this case of commercial greed and stupidity will most likely bring into effect a ban on future presidential selfies for anybody.

  3. Beside the fact Samsung is run by dirty scumbags with extremely low ideals and standards, Samsung devices are lower quality and have poorer performance when compared to the android competition. At least the billions they spend on marketing is enough to fool the majority of fandroids

  4. The WH finally noticed Samsung is an unethical company? After violating every concept of intellectual property protection, the government still buys phones from them. Maybe now they’ll start paying attention.

  5. Not that I give a crap about taking a picture with Obama, but isn’t he the President? Doesn’t he work for us? He has no right to tell American citizens what we can an cannot do with regard to taking pictures of an elected official. The last time I checked, the Constitution that Obama swore an oath to defend and protect starts with the words “We the people”. All this being said, I wouldn’t want a picture of myself with Obama. He’s not worthy to be in a photo with me.

    1. Public access to the president by normals like yourself isn’t absolute, hell it’s not even common. And it’s not “pictures” that are being banned, but close-up selfies, since they are more easily twisted to look like an endorsement where none existed.

      Tell you what, if you get past his secret service detail to get a true selfie with the pres, you can keep it.

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