Is Apple’s next big thing search?

“Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask Network, AOL, DuckDuckGo, and even Dogpile,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “Do we really need another search engine, especially since no one has proven they can touch Google’s dominance?”

“According to comScore Google’s February 2014 share of search was a very steady 67.5%, with Microsoft’s Bing search engine light years behind, holding onto 18.4%,” Reschke writes. “Yahoo! was the only other search provider to reach over 10%. Why would Apple ever choose to enter such a mature market? The only way to obtain market share is to steal from a competitor — a space Google is laser focused on never relinquishing.”

“In order for Apple to succeed in the search engine business, Apple’s version must work differently — in other words Apple’s search would need to leapfrog the competition, becoming a disruptive force that changes user behavior en mass,” Reschke writes. “And that is probably the only thing holding Apple back from entering this lucrative market.”

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    1. But I think Metacrawler honoured robots.txt, which I think doomed them to commercial insignificance, since Google did not and raked up the fodder, becoming grossly fat and happy in their excess like King Louis XVI.

      1. Metacrawler was originally a project at, I believe, Washington University. They kindly provided it on the Internet for many years. WU then wanted out of the picture and it was offered up in various other forms. Dogpile is one of them. If you attempt to go to these days, you’re dumped at, which looks to be awful.

        In the olden days when Netscape was the only usable web browser in town, despite its chronic memory leaks, Metacrawler was very kewl. It wasn’t until about 1998 that Google began to make its mark. In 2000 I heard the first rumblings in the tech community that Google was going to be THE BIG THING in the future, just as most of the Internet stock sector was in a drastic nosedive. Thereafter, Google ruled search and every other search engine either withered, was sold off and given a different name, or simply died.

        Google’s search engine still rulz IMHO. It’s a shame that most of the rest of Google’s inventions are, ahem, not-so-good. I am constantly amused at Google’s flying high stock price. Apparently the monarchy of their search engine and its accompanying tracking cookie infestation still captures the imaginations of a lot of investors. But eventually, people notice that inflated hype is just inflated hype, and that evil deeds are acts of self-destruction. *POP*

  1. I think a good start would be for Apple to buy Yahoo and use it as a stepping stone to get its own thing rolling. I and other posters have been saying this for years. I’m sure they have some sort of strategy in the works which we won’t hear about until shortly before it’s revealed. It’s the Apple way. It’s bad enough how companies copy and steal Apple’s innovations after they’re debuted, let’s not give it to them before Apple has a chance to at least debut new technologies.

    1. This is surely coming in our lifetimes. As many hits as Apple continues to absorb, they cannot stay aloof from the incessant pressure to evolve faster than they choose to do on their own. Merging with Microsoft or Yahoo is not out of the question. I would vote for any such joining of DNA, as a way to counter Google in its undisguised drive for dominance.

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