Apple’s WWDC 2014 runs June 2-5, registration for random ticket selection now live

Apple has announced their 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference will take place on June 2-6 in San Francisco, California.

The opportunity to buy tickets to WWDC 2014 will be offered by random selection.

The opportunity to buy tickets to WWDC 2014 will be offered by random selection. Register by Monday, April 7 at 10am PDT for your chance to attend. Apple will let you know your status by email on Monday, April 7 at 5:00pm PDT.

To register, simply sign in with your developer account and submit your information. You need to be a current member of the iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or Mac Developer Program as of the announcement of WWDC (April 3, 2014 at 5:30am PDT). Developers between 13-17 years of age must have their submission completed by their parent or guardian who is an eligible member.

Randomly selected applicants will have the opportunity to purchase a WWDC ticket for $1,599 USD or in local currency where available. The purchase must be completed by April 14, 2014 at 5pm PDT. WWDC tickets are for use by the selected applicant only and may not be sold, resold, bartered, auctioned, or transferred in any way.

Apple WWDC 2014

Register here.


      1. To defend Rorschach, the “random ticket selection” part could be in the second line of the headline depending on font size and browser width. Reading at least half a headline is far above the national average.

    1. very observant!

      Also, the colors look like Easter decorations, the ugly skinny font is akin to iOS7, and the low resolution dot matrix style for the image befits Apple’s recent trend to dumb down its OS graphics instead of taking advantage of the amazing display & GPU technology available today. Therefore, the WWDC may see Apple revealing a somewhat illegible pastel shit interface that looks like the something an easter creature would have barfed up instead of a compelling realistic GUI that inspires users.

    2. I can’t see it, but my friend can. It is a Stereogram. If you use the parallel viewing method it looks like you can reach in and touch it. He describes it almost being like a hologram.

  1. I’m going out on a limb here to say, this might be Yellow box-Blue box revisited.

    After studying Apple’s postcard and its by-line, I see a yellow box with a blue stripe down the middle. Yellow is absent in the rainbow of color which to me, as an artist, indicates we are seeing all colors of the spectrum except Yellow, which means the box is yellow.

    Rhapsody’s Yellow/Blue box was the stepping stone to OS X from PowerPC architecture. Yellow box was OS Xs native object oriented API framework. The Blue box operated PPC applications in a window.

    Could this be the moment Apple unveils Copland? The OS that was supposed to follow Rhapsody, but never made it out of the lab?

    Copland for iOS and OS X hybrid?

    1. Copland could be a new developers API library for iOS applications to run in an OS X environment.

      Anyone expecting to play their iTunes games in an App Store (Mac) environment has to wait for Apple to write the code, if its developers are going to change the world.

    2. I wonder which OS, iOS or OS X, becomes windowed? If we see an TV, it will most likely be iOS being windowed and OS X dubbed the native OS.

      Could iPads receive a firmware update enabling App Store products to run in a windowed environment? Will we be able to display iPhone games on our HDTVs?

      Apple has a remarkable reputation for transitions between platforms, and because they operate in a vertical market selling the whole experience, anything is possible.

    1. He’ll say they had no idea that so many professionals were holding out for an updated Apple workstation; that their information vastly underrepresented the passion factor; that the new design and specs overwhelmed more pro users than they had anticipated based on replacement cycles. He’ll comment at length on the importance of getting critical applications like Logic and Final Cut ready before releasing the new Mac Pro; then he’ll reveal the astonishing sales numbers, numbing the lips of even hardened naysayers.

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