Using hyperlinks to create complex, interactive presentations in Keynote

“You can use text hyperlinks to create complex navigation between slides in Keynote,” Gary Rosenzweig reports for MacMost.

“In this example, we’ll create a quiz that links answers to different slides,” Rosenzweig reports. “You can export this type of presentation as HTML, or use it in Keynote with settings to lock out other types of navigation.”


Direct link to video here.


    1. Back in the day some associates and I tried our best to get Apple to create a simple HyperCard server. If you clicked on a link that included an IP Address, it would take you to a stack on a different computer somewhere else out on the Internet. You could have a computer that sat out on the Internet that did nothing but serve up HyperCard stacks!

      We thought this was such and incredible idea! Apple said it was “not future forward thinking.” Yes, that was the phrase she used. “Not future forward.”

      This was around 1987, 1988. So we gave up.

      Meanwhile, an extremely intelligent, unassuming man was tinkering with his NeXT computer and basically created the world wide web around the same time.

      If only I’d had Keynote to make a more effective presentation!

      The ghost of my now dead associate just slapped me in the back of the head.

  1. Slow news day? Been able to do this with PPT for over a decade. Plus PPT has better support and integration with other products, like elearning production software. Love me some Keynote presentations… but come on.

  2. Read this:
    One font family per presentation, three or five bullet points per slide, never four, and titles 30 percent above the center line. The file size also could not be more than eight megabytes, just enough to show up well on a projection screen. Jobs hated big files.

  3. Has anybody had the problem with the whole page becoming a hyperlink when it wasn’t assigned? I discovered that I could click anywhere on the page and it would advance to the next page either though the mouse was not showing as a link. ???

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