Estimize CEO Drogen: Microsoft isn’t Apple’s competitor anymore

Estimize Founder and CEO Leigh Drogen discusses Microsoft’s rollout of Office for iPad on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

[Satya Nadella] realizes PC sales are flat and mobile is next.

They need their productivity software on mobile. Apple is where it is at.

For Apple, they see that Microsoft is not their competitor anymore, it is really Google. It makes sense. — Estimize Founder and CEO Leigh Drogen

Direct link to video here.


  1. True, Google is todays Microsoft, we see that with the copying! But Microsoft is still a game player and a threat to Apple as much as Google, Facebook and Amazon!

    1. I’ve been saying for almost 2 years now that MSFT is dead in the water and that Google is Apple’s main problem, followed by Amazon and the DOJ, but I kind of count those last 2 as the same.

      Facebook is not a problem for Apple at all at the moment. There’s some synergy still left in that relationship.

  2. Would somebody please alert Tim Cook to these realities. Opportunities being missed every single day that this do nothing CEO continues to occupy that office.

    1. As Jay says, somebody please alert Tim Cook to the existence of Google’s Android OS. Boy, is Tim going to go thermonuclear when he hears about that.

    2. It is truly a tragedy for all of us who have invested in AAPL that the board does not recognize your superior intellect and obvious ability to see things for what they really are. Jay, please, contact the board and let them know that you would be able to do a much better job than Tim. I beseech you.

    3. Whose water are you carrying?

      Apple is not missing any opportunities. If they were, they wouldn’t be the most powerful tech company on the planet, would they?

      Apple faithful know and understand Apple’s timetable. You need to learn that, young padawan.

    1. Aaah laddie, you’ve struck the bulls-eye dead center. Indeed they lost sight of their original mission and now will pay the price for not only their lack of vision, but first mission. (Now all we get from them are emissions.)

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