How to reclaim storage space from iTunes

“If you use your Mac to backup your iOS devices you probably have a few gig worth of backups you really don’t need,” Brian Meyer writes for Apple Gazette. “While those of us with huge hard drives may not care, Mac users that have SSDs and MacBook Airs would probably really like to get that space back.”

“Worse yet, if you’re a fiend when it comes to downloading apps, you probably have quite a few on your hard drive taking up space that you’ve all but forgotten because they either didn’t do what you wanted or just all around sucked,” Meyer writes. “Whether you got rid of a device or if you just want more space, [here’s] the lowdown on how to reclaim hard drive space from iTunes and delete old iOS backups and apps from your Mac.”

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  1. Sound advice especially for those with small drives.
    Moving the iTunes library to an external drive is good but beware. Make sure you follow the correct instructions. If not you will lose the ratings on your songs. For a big library that could be a huge issue.

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