“Haunted Empire?” Puleeze. Apple after Steve Jobs is pretty much the same as ever

“You could be forgiven, after reading Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs, for concluding that Apple is on the verge of going belly up. In the new book by Yukari I. Kane, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, the company is depicted as having radically declined after the death of its former impresario,” Farhad Manjoo writes for The New York Times.

“Under Timothy D. Cook, who took over as chief executive shortly before Steve Jobs died in October 2011, Apple ‘teeters at the edge of a reckoning,’ Ms. Kane writes. Its executives, she adds, ‘cannot find their own way forward. They are tired. They are uncertain. The well of ingenuity has run dry,'” Manjoo writes. “After the book’s release earlier this week, Mr. Cook said in a statement that it was ‘nonsense.’ He’s right.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another bad review for Yukari Iwatani Kane’s baseless hit-piece.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Arline M.” and “Tom R.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Apple is a shooting gallery, a sideshow, a dunk tank at the county fair. Step right up! Apple is doomed! Get yer shots in!

      Kane observed the draw of this meme, its persistent popularity in the media, and saw an opportunity to cash in: collect all the negative ink surrounding the iconic tech giant, string it all together into a plausible narrative, and publish it as a sensational exposé. Never mind that much of it is tired foofaraw; this bloat of condemnation will move books, just as scraps of it reliably rack up page views, week after week.

    2. Having heard Yukari I. Kane speak at a writer’s forum regarding Apple, via the net, I can only conclude that she’s a hit whore. She wants to sell books. She jumped on the ETERNAL ‘Apple Doom’ meme to make some money.

      She claims that Tim Cook’s response to her book may mean she has ‘touched a nerve’, meaning she’s on the right track. No she’s not. She’s just whoring herself for the money. This sort of scandalous behavior draws attention not for what the hit whore is saying, but for the fact that she’s willing to whore herself for the money in public. That’s my take on it all. I can’t care less what she has to say. Hearing her talk, you quickly figure out she has nothing insightful to say anyway.

  1. Apple in the Tim Cook era will stagnate and eventually go the way of Microsoft. Cook is without doubt Ballmer revisited, the second coming of Ballmer as it were. I have my pen poised to write Apple’s obituary. Apple, post Steve Jobs, with Cook as CEO is helpless like the flightless dodo and will go the same way after it is eaten alive by its predators.

    1. Oh look, there’s another one: A hit whore, looking for attention via the eternal ‘Apple Doom’ meme. And as ever, I can point to the field of corpses that have preceded the current ‘Apple Doom’ whores:

      The Apple Death Knell Counter @MacObserver

      When HASN’T the Apple Death Knell been ringing? And yet Apple remains the single best company on the planet, not to mention the most profitable. So please! Ring that death knell kiddies! It’s music to my ears.

  2. The book’s writer is not too different than some “magazine” writers.

    They need cash, so some make things up.

    It is real easy, just find a bunch of fired & ex-employees of the firm you want to earn some $s off of and interview them.

  3. I’ve only read the comments and reviews of this book but not the book itself, how many of you have bought it? I think may be its sales figures is what matters in the end to her.

  4. From the story:

    you can bet your iPhone that [Jobs] would not have adopted some of the advice that Ms. Kane suggests Mr. Cook should now adopt to boost Apple’s fortunes — for instance, that Apple “open up its operating system and license the technology.”

    Oh, for the love of… Seriously?? That’s Kane’s “solution” to her imagined problem? The same thing people have been nagging Apple to do for almost 30 years??

    I swear, Apple punditry NEVER. F***ING. CHANGES. It’s always the same thing, year after year. And they wonder why Apple always ignores their sage advice.


  5. I’d say it’s the same after Steve Jobs… Right along a plateau line. Nothing great has happened and nothing great has been released. Yet. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. But, how long can Apple afford to wait on another industry changer? That remains the big question! They should have released a iTunes for Android a long time ago and it may be too late now.

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