Flappy Bird to return to Apple’s App Store

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has plans to return his hit game to the App Store, according to several interactions the app developer has had with fans,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“In a recent tweet discovered by Gawker, a fan asked Nguyen if he would return Flappy Bird to the App Store, and he answered ‘Yes. But not soon,'” Clover reports. “A second fan ran into Nguyen at the Game Developers Conference currently taking place in San Francisco, and also received confirmation that Nguyen will re-launch Flappy Bird.”

Clover reports, “It is unclear when Flappy Bird might make its way back to the App Store, but Nguyen has said that when he re-releases the app, it will come with a warning: ‘Please take a break.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back on February 9th:

Two possibilities:

• It’s true and Nguyen just wants to be free of the awful burden of raking in US$50,000 per day; or
• It’s a PR stunt and the game will be reappear or be used in some fashion in the future when Nguyen deems the time is right.

‘Tis a burden almost always being right, but we bear it as a service to you. 😉

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    1. No, first you invent the want. Dong Nguyen’s boohoo mental breakdown over Flappy Bird drew attention. Pulling it from the Apple Store was the bait. Then every mark wanted it and couldn’t have it. The stage was set. The desire was cooking. The oven door opens. Wow, big surprise. The con is complete. In pours the mark’s money.

      Damned right I’m cynical.

  1. Did I, or did I not, point out that Dong Nguyen is a deceitful, manipulative dickhead? IMHO of course.

    And OF COURSE he’s returning Flappy Bird to the App Store. The suckers will line up for the crappy thing. It’s called customer manipulation, aka abuse. I have zero respect for this guy, his game or his marketing tactics. 👿

    1. You’re totally right. I knew this was B.S. from the start. I don’t understand why the tech media has been hyping this. His artwork is a total rip-off of Nintendo’s Mario games. He doesn’t deserve to profit from someone else’s work.

  2. It’s sad how the tech media has been totally whored out by this guy. When I first read about this guy taking the app down, I knew from the start that his explanation was B.S. Why don’t we spend weeks talking about other app developers who take their apps off the App Store? Why is this guy special? The app has artwork that is very similar to (if not a total rip off of) the graphics used in Nintendo’s Mario games. Apple should have rejected the app from the beginning since this guy stole someone else’s artwork. I’ve played the game myself, and the ads are sometimes very offensive. This guy never made a dime off of me because I don’t tap on ads in iOS apps. Why can’t we focus on app developers who make awesome apps instead of guys like this?

  3. I don’t think this comeback will work. It’s clear that very little effort went into creating Flappy Bird, and it was never a fun game or good app to begin with. it’s only appeal, as far as I can tell, is masochism. It doesn’t have the sort of quality to warrant even a $1 price tag or make people put up with ads. And now that it’s been gone for so long, it’s thoroughly buried under free Flapping Bird clones, which fully replicate the entire experience of this very simplistic “game.” I think this guys one lucky opportunity has been squandered.

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