Apple to further push iCloud as future of the file system in iOS 8

“When Apple introduced both iOS and iCloud, its goal was to eliminate the classic file system found in Mac OS X and make synchronization so seamless between devices that it ‘just works,'” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Nearly three years after iCloud’s introduction, Apple is still moving closer to this goal,” Gurman reports. “The company is working on a pair of new iCloud applications for iOS as well as improved tools for developers to build iCloud-infused applications, according to sources with knowledge of these initiatives.”

“In addition to working on new iCloud applications, Apple is said to be researching new iCloud storage tools to make the development of server-integrated App Store applications for iOS simpler,” Gurman reports. “Developers have long complained that building App Store apps that rely on iCloud is a complex and unreliable process. This potential future initiative would be designed to resolve those issues.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. iCloud is simply not useful. It’s too limited in size, too costly per bit, and unreliable. I can’t speak for you. Only myself and the dozens of macs I work with daily. People have said Apple has gotten design down, device manufacturing down, marketing down, even app store functionality down..but web services…uh…just NO. It’s odd. So much talent, so many brilliant minds at Infinite Loop and they insist on overcharging for a very limited unreliable tool.

  2. iCloud is (mostly) good at syncing settings, address books, and calendars, but using it to sync documents entails too many compromises. iWork shows that iCloud requires appellations to be severely dumbed down to the point of near uselessness, and iOS s hows that iCloud not only has the severe handicap of a flat filing system, it needs to file documents in separate containers for each application.

    This is just not going to work. Apple has an unhealthy obsession with the iPad and iCloud, and if they don’t recover from it, they will destroy their product line.

  3. Ok..1 TB for $120 with Google Drive or 50 GB for $100 a year with iCloud. Ha ha ha ha ….oh man…Hello..Tim? Seriously? Thanks so much for the 5 (actually less) free GB…or Yahoo with a FREE TB (even though photos don’t count against your 5GB with iCloud but of course they are only there for 30 days! What a fabulous plan! or a FREE TB with get the equivalent you would have to pay Apple $1,862 a year…ROFL. Don’t get me wrong..I own Apple stock..and I want it to make money but COME ON!

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