Apple’s new iOS 7.1 delivers big iPhone 4 performance gains, improved UI elements, better navigation audio, and more

“Apple launched iOS 7.1 [yesterday] after what seemed like an eternity in beta, making the first major update to the mobile OS since it was redesigned last year. Included in the update are several key features such as CarPlay, but also a collection of smaller tweaks and improvements that make system more convenient,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“Among those features are two very important ones that haven’t really gotten enough press: huge performance improvements on the iPhone 4 and something called ‘HFP prompts’ in the Maps application,” Beasley reports. “This feature is designed to allow you to listen to your car’s built-in radio or other input devices while using your Bluetooth-connected iPhone for navigation.”

Read more, and see the videos, in the full article here.

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  1. I love it all, even the Caps changes. But it seems like safari caching might be off again. I’ve already swiped back to a page only to find it in the state it was a day ago, and not the page I left…

  2. I am so happy they finally fixed their worthless new calendar. The calendar was perfect before then they made it completely effing worthless by forcing you into week view just to see events. Now it’s back to normal when you enable the month view on event details.

    1. The new gray boxes and random text underlining in the UI is more evidence that Apple has lost it. Every app update is a mess, Calendar included. I gave up on and got Week Calendar.
      Give Apple 1 star for a disappointing update.

  3. I am not an iTunes Match subscriber, and yet my iPhone 5S running iOS 7.1 is happily playing music that has the little red down arrow in the cloud icon.

    Is this new with iOS 7.1?

    If it is, I wonder if iTunes Match is evolving.

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