Beleaguered BlackBerry CEO Chen belittles iPhone users as ‘wall huggers’ who carry battery-short phones

New BlackBerry chief executive John Chen, “who got into a tiff with famously outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere last month, was at it again at the Oasis Montgomery conference in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

Pressman reports, “Asked about Apple’s popularity, Chen belittled iPhone users whose batteries run down before the end of the end of the day, forcing them to search for power outlets. ‘I call you guys wall huggers,’ he quipped.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s a funny joke coming from a 32-bit, beard o’ buttons Waterloo antique dealer whose main job is trying to spatula up yet another bit of Apple’s roadkill and sell off whatever mangled pieces he can manage to scape up.

We carry 64-bit Apple iPhone 5s brilliantphones with which no other company can compete; especially the remains of beleaguered BlackBerry. Despite the desperate FUD spouted by anachronisms, our iPhone batteries last all day and then some.

You’re doing a great job, Johnny (if your intent is to fleece stupid investors while killing off your moribund antiquity once and for all):

"Beleaguered BlackBerry. Zero... point... zero." - Dean Vernon Wormer
“Beleaguered BlackBerry. Zero… point… zero.” – Dean Vernon Wormer

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  1. I know someone with a Z10, it’s a nice machine, came out about 4 years too late, but it’s battery life is actually a little worse than the iPhone’s.

    1. The only reason a BB user’s battery would last longer than the iPhone is because they don’t use it much during the day.

      And any argument about a replaceable battery is silly. An entire battery case for the iPhone costs about $70, not much more than a second battery for a BB or any other phone. So if you find you use your phone enough during the day that you need a charge up, get a battery case or plug in when you’re in your car/at your desk.

    1. Not parody but not serious either. CEO John Chen was intentionally playing for laughs. Here is another humorous comment, nicely self-deprecating:

      “He was also in a joking mood when asked why he left private equity firm Silver Lake to take the difficult turnaround job at BlackBerry. “I wanted to do something where I could wake up every day and worry,” he answered, adding “and I have fulfilled my dream,” as the room burst into laughter”

      Seems like a nice guy. I hope he has another dream for hist post-Blackberry career!

  2. if you’re the CEO of RIM, er.. Blackberry.. you should probably the STFU and try to blend in with the crowd. You missed the boat and shipped godawful software for about 10 years.

    In Chen’s dreams, they are acquired by Apple.

    1. Maybe you should ST*U since you obviously didn’t read the article before commenting on it. Chen was intentionally being funny and went on to make fun of himself.

        1. Uh no, he was really joking – Google other reports if you need to confirm that.

          And I quoted his self-deprecating humor above in which he makes fun of himself and Blackberry.

          Why comment if you have no idea what you are talking about? Chen has a sense of humor. I guess not everyone does.

          1. I did.
            Saying it with a smile doesn’t change the fact that he was trying to tarnish the image of his main competitor his insult to people who use iPhones.
            Try reading my post again.

            Perhaps Chen should read the rules of self-deprecation.

  3. John Chen apparently went to Steve Ballmer’s “The Clueless CEO Who Laughs Off The Competition While Dying” class and was star pupil. This kind of disingenuous snickery put down behavior is just another shovel helping to dig an even bigger grave for Blackberry. Falsely insulting a huge group of users not a great tactic.

    1. A last gasp, or close to it. Apple stuffed the industry in 2007, and they spent years trying to catch up, spewing FUD all the way.

      It was a hard lesson learned for RIM and everyone else in the industry when they found themselves asking questions like, “How is this possible? It can’t be. There’s no way. How did Apple do this, and that?” The limitations of their thinking was evident in the limitations of their devices.

  4. Paper weights don’t use a lot of battery in that respect Blackberry phones do last longer than iPhones.

    It took them way to long to figure out (still haven’t) it’s not a phone people wanted but an ultra portable computer that can fit in your pocket. The iPhone is only a phone by name.

  5. IPhone users are always on the internet or an app while Blackberry owners use their phones for check time as the day going boringly by.

    Maybe Blackberry should do away with the battery and just use gears.

    1. Lol yessir. If I just left my 5S alone after being fully charged, it could last for days on standby with light usage. The reason I have to recharge it every night is because I can’t put the damn thing down.

      1. As for me, very similar. I haven’t a clue what my iPhone’s battery life is if I don’t do anything on it. I do too much on it.

        His comment is really true, but not for lack of battery power or poor design. I mean seriously, why would Apple have technically worse battery capacity / etc than any other phone maker. It’s just not likely.

        I don’t know the tech specs, don’t care, really. Someone does.

        But my battery is low at some very inconvenient times. And I need to charge my phone during the day. Car ride. Office. For whatever reason, I do.

        I’m sure it’s because I use it a ton. And I’m pretty sure I’ve done all the smart things to lessen drain.

        So, the dude is right on. But my phone is…well seriously like R2 said …I can’t put it down!

  6. Actually, this is a brilliant move. Chen has a secret plan to issue beanie caps with rotor blades on them to each Blackberry owner. The electrical power generated by the beanie caps will power the needs of any Blackberry owner for years to come. Hats off to Chen! Oh, that won’t work. They have to keep their hats on 24/7.

  7. And for those of us who want more battery life, we know what to switch off to save power when we aren’t using those features!

    Chen is a bloddy sore loser, reminiscent of the Co-CEOs.

  8. Who exactly was that statement for?

    Was it meant to bolster the egos of Blackberry owners (all 250 of them) or give BB owners some kind of justification for owning a BB in todays day and age?

    It sure isn’t going to convince any iPhone users into switching to a BB.

    I hope Chen manages BB better than he comes across to the phone using/buying community because right now he sounds like someone directing the rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic.

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