iOS 7.1 imminent

Apple will release iOS 7.1 within one week, people familiar with the situation tell MacDailyNews.

iOS 7.1 will contain Apple’s newly-renamed CarPlay (formerly “iOS in the Car”) along with numerous tweaks and refinements to the iOS 7 look, a revamped power off screen, an improved system-wide keyboard, faster iOS animations, improved performance, plugged memory leaks, and more.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: 10:10am EST: Numerous readers point out that Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber is reporting, “iOS 7.1 should ship any day now” because it is required for Apple to stream the company’s first iTunes Festival in the U.S. which runs March 11-15 at SXSW in Austin.


  1. Watch the car dealers as they are forced to answer the most commonly asked question. “Is this new car compatible with my iPhone’s CarPlay?”

    This is going to be BIG! Now, the people spending the most money that own iOS devices are going to drive consumer choices in another market. That is a big halo.

  2. Perry, I read your post and thought “The Testicle” was the latest band to sign up for festival, then it clicked in you’re talking about BLN. Ha, good one. Oh my, time for another coffee.

  3. Don’t mean to bash iOS7 like a lot of others have. Been using it since I got my 5S a few months ago. Love it and did not understand the bashing from others.

    Now I do. Now my wife has upgraded her iPad mini and all I have heard is complaining. One thing I must agree with her, while she uses many of the standard apps (ie Notes and Calendar) she says there is too much white. Everything is white and she misses the color. Also, Game Center does look too much like Photos and with her poor vision I have come to understand the poor choices Apple has made.

    Well, hope Apple fixes iOS7 with some color and skeuomorphism. Even the grey folders are so blah. Yikes, now I am a basher.

    BTW, the Game Center icon makes no sense.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! The O/S itself and new features are great. Cutting edge. The UI design and color schemes are an EPIC disaster. I didn’t upgrade my iPhone 5 because of it. Aside from that, the changing of basic functionality was idiotic. Many little things like no longer being able to swipe rightwards over an email to delete it anymore (WHY???), to new placement of menus and UI elements and the look of a buttons etc .. just for sake of change, go against fundamental UI design concepts.
      About the white.. I get the feeling John Ive wears white shirts with white pants, white shoes & socks and a white jacket. Every day 🙂

      1. You can still swipe to delete emails, you just swipe the other way. You get use to it.
        It does make it easer to “move” emails now.
        I suspect (I’m just guessing here) that it may be due to a technical copyright thing with Scott Forstall. Put the close box on the other side of the window thing.

  4. Well I’ll give you that your english is good (if it is not your native language that is) however the “cushioning statement” at the beginning followed by the winging and bashing, is a bit transparent (the cushioning statement is an off used tactic BTW)
    SO Using sentient english ill give you a 8/10 but as for content it’s at best a 5 or 6/10, many are far better constructed. So pick it up, if you want to troll in the big leagues (here at MDN) you need to step your game up significantly.

    1. if you are referring to the hoffbegone post then thanks for the critique. English is my native language so I guess i get I don’t really get a good score. What are you, an English teacher? Oh well, I’m almost dead so that does not matter.

      What do you mean by step it up? I am an Apple fanboy since the late 70’s. What do you want me to step up? My bashing? I even told my co-worker “He who rejects change is the architect of decay” -Harold Wilson (whoever he is) when he voiced his strong objections about iOS7 and it’s changes. However, that was before I was using iOS7. All I was saying is my wife has issues with it and I can now understand what others were saying. Those issues did not affect me so much but I see her points.

      If you’re not interested in honest opinion and thoughts then maybe you need to step it up or take your blinder’s off.

      BTW, I’m not interested in trolling, whatever that means.

    2. Nevermind.

      trolling: In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic …

      You must have misread my post somehow.

      I was just saying, or trying to say, brighter and more colorful icons and apps would be appreciated by my wife and even me, and maybe (fingers crossed) 7.1 might have some of that.

      sorry for the poor english. I’m only an eng-in-err.

      1. Ok here it is “hoff”

        You start out by saying how big a fan you are (classic troll intro BTW)
        Then you say you don’t want to bash but…. Then you bash and bash and bash.

        IF, you had just said too much white, I would have been there (though I don’t agree I like the bright clean looks, for me (and I am an aging boomer) it is much easier to read than 6 was)
        However you didn’t you bashed how white it was the icons, the look, how poorly apple had done, yada, yada, yada….

        Couple that with the standard troll opening and then you feigning that you didn’t even know what a troll was??? Puh-lease, this would have to have been your first week on the internet for me to buy that story.

        1. Right, because people who haven’t used prior versions of Apple software are clearly more qualified to critique the current versions than those who can put it in historical context. It is quite obvious that iOS 7 is the best software ever if you have never used iOS 1 through 6. /s

          Incidentally, I actually do think that 7 is the best ever, but I do not regard those who disagree with me as trolls. There are some features that I like, others that I don’t. It is largely a matter of taste. Knee-jerk support for everything the company does denies Apple the sort of constructive criticism that can make their products better. The tendency of some Apple users to flame any criticism, however mild, simply feeds our reputation in some quarters as religious-fanatic Flavour-Aide-drinking fanbois. I’ve been putting up with that b.s. for entirely too long (I won’t say how long, because stating my qualifications to express an opinion is apparently a sign that I’m a troll),

          1. Don’t be obtuse, and don’t attempt to paint it as a simple objection. I stated the multitude of “flags” that made me believe he was trolling.
            You believe he didn’t know what “troll” meant?
            Really… Really?

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