Who is Luca Maestri, Apple’s next CFO?

“Apple on Tuesday announced that long-serving Apple executive and current Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer will be retiring from the company in September,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK. “Apple’s vice president of finance and corporate controller Luca Maestri will take over as CFO from June, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.”

“Maestri, who is 49 years old (if you’re wondering), started his career with General Motors in 1988. The car maker accounts for a huge chunk of Maestri’s career history, spanning a total of 20 years,” Allsopp reports. “Over those 20 years, Maestri held several senior positions at GM in markets across the globe, including Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Singapore and Thailand.”

“In September 2008, Maestri left GM to become CFO of Nokia Siemens Networks,” Allsopp reports, “and continued in that role until February 2011, when he joined Xerox as CFO.”

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  1. Let’s see now the number of failed companies he has worked for:

    – Government Motors (failed and had to be bailed out by Obama) – check.
    – Nokia Siemens Network (failed telecommunications venture. Siemens eventually bailed and sold the entity to Nokia Solutions which split apart from the Nokia handset business that was acquired by Microsoft) – check.
    – Xerox (was an early innovator that failed – original inspiration for the Mac OS GUI at PARC, and had to be bailed out by Fuji of Japan) – check.

    Given the number of failed companies he’s worked for, perfect candidate for Cook to mould into his failed image.

    1. May I ask what you have been successful in? Obviously, a pseudonym company proves your corporate qualifications to criticize someone who has worked their ass off to make things better in the world – check mate.

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