Alleged leak of iPhone 6 component photo may reveal major design overhaul

“An image showing the purported digitizer of the iPhone 6 seems to reveal the size of at least one upcoming iPhone version, although the image can’t be confirmed yet,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “The photos first appeared on Chinese forum WeiPhone, but it’s not clear exactly how the original poster obtained the images.”

“The pictures seem to show the digitizer of an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 side by side, with the latter suggesting the new iPhone 6 will be about the same size as the iPhone 5, even though it may sport a bigger display,” Smith reports. “To achieve this, Apple may completely remove the side bezels of the phone, and vertically increase the size of the screen as well, assuming the image is accurate.”

Images showing the alleged iPhone 6 component in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


    1. Agreed. Johnny would have centered the home button between the upper and lower edges.
      I think it may be time for home button to go away and become an independent (of the main LCD) resistive touch zone, that could also be multi-touch.
      Personally, I’m sick of the button – been using assistive touch for the home button. I should backstory stating that the home button on my old ‘4’ is faulty. – and I broke my 5c case and scree real bad last month.

      1. You need to have a physical home button, a touch version just wouldn’t be effective; this has been pointed out numerous times.
        The shonky button on the 4 is a known flaw, caused by Apple responding to users who didn’t like a button with a defined ‘click’; in doing so it compromised the button function in the long term.
        The button can be easily replaced, I’ve been quoted £5 by someone who does lots of phone repairs, so I’m getting mine done, along with a new battery.
        I’ll upgrade my iP5 for a 6, but I’m keeping the 4, I love that phone!
        Although it’s basically an iPod now.

    1. So long as we’re talking the possibility of multiple phones, it’s hard to say. This could be the smaller of the two.

      Now if it’s one iPhone with a minor size increase, then we’ve got a disaster on our hands.

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