Disney launches ‘Movies Anywhere’ app with unprecedented link to Apple’s iTunes

“Last year Apple introduced store sheet, a feature that allows developers to offer sell things like music and movies inside their apps without making you leave and head to iTunes,” Emily Price reports for Engadget.

“Now a new app from Disney is taking the feature a step further, allowing you to play iTunes purchases in-app as well,” Price reports. “The first of its kind, Disney’s new Movies Anywhere app not only allows you to purchase and play new Disney movies within the app, it also allows you to stream Disney content you’ve already purchased from iTunes without downloading it again onto your device.”

“As long as the app knows you’ve purchased the movie before, you’ll be able stream it for free on your favorite iOS device or on your home computer,” Price reports. “The app includes over 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel flicks.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. What, precisely, is the difference in bandwidth consumption, which I must pay for whenever I use some, between downloading and streaming. Cloud based services eat bandwidth. A download results in a local copy, which may be used many times for no added cost. Streaming is costs bandwidth every time you use it, so you are never done paying.

    1. Downloading uses more data because you get a full quality movie. Streaming uses less because the quality is continuously adjusted to allow for uninterrupted viewing regardless of the data rate for the download. This means streaming can result in a 600MB transfer instead of a 4GB download.

      1. I dont think that is true. I just streamed a short video and it took 200MB of my data plan vs if I had downloaded it would have been a 25-35MB file. I am not sold on streaming yet.

  2. Finally!! Apps are the new ‘channels’. AppleTV is the new distributor. Content is now free for the content makers to distribute on their own, thus cutting out the middleman (up yours, Comcast!). Just like Apple did with iTunes and the music industry…the cards are starting to fall in place. Jobs’ legacy lives.

  3. I think I found a work-around. Download the movie to the “Videos” app and then connect your device to your OS X machine, open iTunes, then right click on your iOS device and “Transfer Purchases”

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