Steve Jobs statue unveiled ahead of installation at Apple’s Cupertino HQ

“Fittingly revealed on his birthday, a bust of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs was unveiled in Belgrade on Monday, with the art piece bound for the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.,” AppleInsider reports.

“A scaled down model of the final obelisk design was unveiled on Monday by famed sculptor Dragan Radenović, reports Netokracija,” AppleInsider reports. “The work, which was selected in a contest with over 10,000 entries, incorporates a bust of Jobs’ head mounted on a pillar.”

“Sprouting from the sides of the pillar feature are Cyrillic letters and the numbers 1 and 0, representing the binary numeral system,” AppleInsider reports. “According to Radenović, Apple management appreciated the imperfections of the piece over more computer-centric design entries.”

Steve Jobs statue - by Dragan Radenović
Steve Jobs statue – by Dragan Radenović

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    1. I would have favored Steve in his “pondering” pose – hand on chin. Also, I believe that inspiration should have been drawn from his Stanford commencement address. Steve admired the beauty of calligraphy. Place the bust on a calligraphic “SJ” and let others drawn their own conclusions. If you want to get clever, subtly blend the Apple logo into the calligraphy.

    2. You are 100% right.
      Gross. What a disappointment. Garbage. The head is elongated, angry and nasty looking. And the concept is lousy. I have a 4 year design degree, many working years of design experience along with Apple tech support, so I am fully certified to give that opinion. 🙂

  1. For someone who valued design so much that he went to great extents to make even the insides of a computer beautiful, they really have chosen a horrible design. What a shame.

  2. Reminds me of an anorexic alien or some time-warped, reconstituted regeneration error!
    Sheesh. Not pretty to look at. Does not convey good, happy, proud, thoughts & feelings; especially none about design.
    I don’t think Steve would have liked it.
    If this was picked from over 10,000 entries, I can’t imagine what the others looked like!

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              1. Steve Jobs would have agreed and would have never sworn again and used only the most eloquent language and the world would have never known the iPad, iPhone and so on.

              2. There would have been an echoing of the quote. “Are you trying to ruin my fucking freedom of speech?”

              Lovely to cross paths again with you hannahjs, a pleasure as always.

          1. “Do you EVER know what you’re talking about?”

            How AMAZING, considering the huge number of your posts that involve pissy insults, nastiness and obscenity that he thought that post was more of the same.

  3. Seems kind of cold to me. Very Eastern European. It’s like one of those Stalin statues. I’m not sold and I’m surprised this is what was chosen from all the entries.

    It would have been cool if they picked the top ten and allowed the public or a group of Steve’s closest confidants from over the years to choose.

    Of course that’s my opinion. One man’s garbage, is another’s art.

      1. Your incessant use of obscenity, insult and name calling adds nothing of value here.
        It merely demonstrates, over and over (unfortunately for us), your fundamental character.

        1. I had the same reaction to Current’s above comment (except substitute high for drunk. But didn’t type it. But, art beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I think Current should take this statue home with him/her. Will make a great coat rack. Just put something over the Steve head right away or it will float around the house at 3am and scare the shit out of you.

  4. Yeah, I’m trying to like it, but I can’t say that I do. Hell… I’m even one of those card carrying pink-o, way ‘out there’, blue iPhone C toting, like all over the map, no meat eating, tree hugging, skinny jean and chucks wearing hipsters… and I still can’t get on board with this thing. Maybe the full scale version will wow me, but I doubt it.

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