Samsung to unveil Tizen OS-powered watches in attempt to distance itself from Google Android

“Samsung Electronics Co is to unveil on Sunday its first wearable smartwatch powered by its Tizen platform in its latest attempt to distance itself from Google Inc and enhance its software and services,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“Samsung has been jointly developing its mobile platform with Intel Corp,” Kim reports. “The South Korean company is due to unveil two new smartwatches on Sunday, less than six months after it introduced the Galaxy Gear wristwatch, then running on Android, to prove that it is more than just a fast follower in innovation behind rival Apple Inc.”

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s what the Samsung proved:

The Galaxy Gear stupidwatch: Without Apple to copy, Samsung is clueless – September 4, 2013

“For the new Galaxy Gear 2 and Neo 2, to be unveiled at an annual trade fair in Barcelona on Sunday, Samsung has not significantly upgraded the hardware on offer,” Kim reports. “The new devices, which will be followed by Samsung’s new flagship smartphone to be announced on Monday, will go on sale globally in April.”

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    1. Yea, I used to buy stuff from them until I boycotted them. They’re a company with no honor or dignity and don’t deserve the business of people from the USA, or anywhere else for that matter. They are scum!

  1. Actually, it’s not that Samsung is ditching Android, it’s just that don’t need Android for the watch (Android actually has some licensing costs and there’s really no reason for them to pay that for a watch which has it’s own, very simple GUI).

    Not, of course, that any of this matters. Once the iWatch hits the market, the Gear will be long forgotten…

      1. That’s one of the reasons why apple is holding off on the iWatch, they want Samesung convicted and fined, and the anti cloning in place before they show them how to do a wristwatch.

    1. At his point in time, Samsung has been snubbed by all the other hardware manufacturers. Promised third party hardware has been withdrawn. Samsung was left with an OS that had no where to go.

      Obviously, this is Samsung attempting to put Tizen on something, anything, if only to show the world it actually runs on something, anything. That’s desperation.

        1. How many millions of dollars have they wasted developing an operating system for a watch? Now there’s a strategy I like, I like it a lot. Maybe they can spend a little more and develop it for hair dryers and microwave ovens.

    2. It still seems a bit strange to me. Not long ago, Google and Samsung cozied up to each other with an IP cross-licensing agreement. In addition, Google sold Motorola Mobility (thus ending its direct competition with other Android handset vendors) and Samsung appeared to take a step back from Tizen. This Tizen Watch rumor seems inconsistent with recent events.

  2. In the real 1st world, a connectivity device needs to work seamlessly with your phone and laptop and desktop.

    Where is Samsung’s laptop and desktop they will work with?

    In the 3rd world, how many can afford an expensive watch?

  3. Unveil the watch on Sunday so all the knee jerk press can heap praises on the Tizen device. Then, before the negative reports have a chance to come in, they announce on Monday the new Galaxy Gear 2 and Neo 2 to distract the press.

    After taking a close look at Samsung’s new watch, I have to say . . . ohhh, look! Something shinny over there!

  4. Thanks to the low standard team of judges in the states, and coupled with the shameless Samsung, both the “open sauce” and “Apple juice” will soon be completely transformed into kimchi sauce.

    Oh. Thanks to you, Google, you are not only doing evil, you also help other evils to accomplish their evil deeds.

  5. Finally Shitscum wakes up!

    Well done guys for finally realising what google was doing. Google used your devices to propagate the android OS and you’ve finally realised that you were used as a carrier for it.

    Just think all those devices sold worldwide could have had the Tizen OS on instead.

    You gave google the market.

    The money in mobile is services not hardware unless you’re apple I which case you have both.

    Samescum is a crap company but I welcome anything that sticks two finger up at google and another mobile OS is google news for everyone – competition is healthy.

    Tizen will probably be a total ripoff of iOS 7 but that’s another issue.

    Il never use Tizen or Andriod anyway so I don’t really give a fuck.

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