TPK rumored to supply flexible AMOLED display tech for Apple iWatch

“Rumors are spreading in the market that Taiwan-based touch panel maker TPK has entered the supply chain for iWatch, the reported name of a smartwatch Apple is expected to release in 2014,” Sammi Huang and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“Additionally, the China Times has also reported rumors that TPK has entered the iWatch supply chain but is unlikely to start mass production until the second half of 2014,” Huang and Wolfgram report. “The report said the iWatch will come equipped with a flexible AMOLED display and 3D protective glass. The rumors also speculated that the iWatch will use silver nanowire touch screen technology developed by TPK in conjunction with Japan-based Nissha Printing.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Hands up… If Apple came out with it’s own universal worldwide currency, how many would buy it???
    Yeah, thought so… ROCKET!!! (I’m sure Google has the same aspirations)
    That answers what to do with all that overseas cash.

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