Samsung sues Dyson for ‘hurting Samsung’s corporate image’ over patent infringement claim

“Samsung is suing Dyson in the South Korean courts for 10 billion won (£5.6m), claiming that legal action taken by the UK company for copyright infringement hurt its corporate image,” BBC News reports. “Dyson took Samsung to court last year, saying it had ‘ripped off’ a patent on a steering mechanism for cylinder vacuum cleaners. After Samsung presented ‘prior art’ – examples of the technology being used before it was patented – Dyson dropped the case.”

“But in a statement to the Korea Times on Sunday, a Samsung spokesman said it had filed a new case in the South Korean courts,” The Beeb reports. “‘Last week, Samsung Electronics’ legal counsel filed legal papers with the Seoul Central District Court against Dyson as the latter’s previous litigation has hurt Samsung’s corporate image. Samsung’s marketing activities were negatively affected by Dyson’s groundless litigation, which is intolerable,’ he said.”

The Beeb reports, “In February 2009 a judge ordered Samsung to pay about £600,000 of Dyson’s legal costs after the UK company challenged its rival’s attempt to patent a suction technology already used in its ‘triple-cyclone’ cleaners.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Is it really possible to negatively affect slavish copier and convicted patent infringer Samsung’s corporate image? All Dyson did was call a spade an spade.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Indirmuppet” for the heads up.]

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  1. This stupid company never innovates, it just shamelessly steals other people’s and companies hard work and innovation. However it is the cheap and morally bankrupt people who buy Samsung products and keep Samsung rich are the true culprits

  2. Samdung is totally amoral.
    I and my friends will never, ever buy anything with a Samsung name on it.
    We pray for Apple to totally cut it’s ties with Samdung.
    Any connection with Samdung stains Apple.
    Sumdung is the epitome of Asian total disregard and disrespect for the intellectual property of others.

    1. And I don’t understand why South Korea has to take that low road of fake ‘honorable’ behavior as parasites on backside of the world. Japan kicks S. Koreas ass when it comes to creativity. It’s not like S. Korea was ever devastated by that horror called ‘communism’ and its demolition of personal incentive. Where does this self-destructive attitude come from? Their history? Their commie neighboring countries (minus Japan). Clearly, I don’t understand S. Korean culture.

      1. I don’t think Samsung will see it as a self-destructive act. They probably “think” they can (or will) get away with their Galaxy touchscreen phone from Apple’s patents, and they think they should be more proactive with their dirty hands as a business tactic.

        Watched a CNN interview with the president of South Korea, she mentioned Samsung like it’s the government. Most great (big and small) companies like Apple and Dyson are now competing with not Samsung, but a country. Very unfair.

        1. As ever, I wish I knew more about S. Korean culture. Certainly from a traditional Japanese point of view, Koreans are the ‘hee haws’ of Asia. I suspect that has lead to a Korean sense of insecurity, which as per usual has lead to over-compensation syndrome. What a shame that their ‘victories’ ring hollow. Actual competition in the tech world is always welcome. Parasitism is not.

  3. Hang on if this patent relates to the ball system on the Dyson ( not clear what else it could refer to) then Dyson himself first used that on a wheel barrow donkeys year ago. How old is this prior art, is it a Stone Age wall painting or something. If they spent ad much time on innovation as they do trying to find obscure and arguable prior art they may be a more respected company.

    1. In some countries, if the INVENTOR shows his invention before patenting it, that counts as prior art and invalidates the patent! Steve Jobs demonstration of a feature on the iPhone when Apple showed the iPhone for the first time has run into this issue in the German courts. . . and the judge invalidated Apple’s German patent based on a video showing the iPhone doing what the patent covered!

  4. Hilarious. The EFFRONTERY of Dyson! What an insult to a ripoff maniacal parasite company like Samsung. Sue them!

    Laugh at the silly, self-destructive, narcissistic company children! Laugh and laugh.

    😆 heeheehee 😆 hahaha 😆 hohoho

    “See how they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snide…”

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