Beleaguered BlackBerry CEO ‘outraged’ over T-Mobile’s offer of free iPhone 5s upgrade

“BlackBerry Ltd Chief Executive John Chen fired a salvo at T-Mobile US Inc on Tuesday, calling ill-conceived a promotion run by the company that encourages customers using BlackBerry smartphones to upgrade to iPhones,” Euan Rocha reports for Reuters. “T-Mobile US, which is majority owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, sent out emails to some of its customers last week, pitching them free iPhone 5s and touting the promotion as a ‘great offer for BlackBerry customers.'”

“That sparked a brouhaha in social media forums after some of the telecom company’s loyal BlackBerry client base reacted angrily to the offer, which they perceived as a slight,” Rocha reports. “In a blog post on Tuesday, BlackBerry CEO Chen slammed the T-Mobile US offer as a ‘clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion’ and he thanked the BlackBerry user base for their loyalty to the company.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, Johnny fired a salvo! We want to fire some, too! Here’s one:

All the PR stunts Chen can concoct will not reincarnate his dead company.

“BlackBerry, a one-time pioneer in the smartphone industry, has been struggling in recent years to claw back market share lost to Apple Inc’s iPhone,” Rocha reports. “The Waterloo, Ontario-based company’s new line of BlackBerry 10 devices has so far failed to win back market share, and Chen is attempting to reshape the company and focus less on the handset segment, and more on the company’s services business.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, firing salvos is fun! Here’re some more:

“BlackBerry’s customer base.” What a joke:

"Beleaguered BlackBerry: Zero... point... zero." - Dean Vernon Wormer
“Beleaguered BlackBerry: Zero… point… zero.” – Dean Vernon Wormer


We just went looking for a BlackBerry “smartphone” on T-Mobile’s site. There is one beard of buttons (Blackberry Curve 9315) available for sale along with two other BlackBerry beards of buttons – refurbs only, natch – on the entire T-Mobile USA site.

Fact: T-Mobile USA barely carries BlackBerry (which isn’t at all surprising since BlackBerry barely carries BlackBerry).

T-Mobile carries iPhones, iPhone knockoffs, and whatever non-selling Windows Phones that Microsoft is currently paying them to display. BlackBerry is Dead Company Walking. On prostheses. With a walker. And a wheelchair with portable defib always close behind.

In case you haven’t noticed, Johnny (study the above pie chart really hard) amateur hour is over™.

T-Mobile USA, like all smart carriers, simply wants their customers to have the best experience available. Hence, they are running a clearly appropriate and well-conceived marketing promotion. Indeed, it’s a great offer for any poor soul who’s still stuck with a BlackBerry antiquity. T-Mobile are to be commended for doing so, regardless of the whining from an antique peddler and a handful of luddites who’ve anachronistically saddled themselves with outmoded dead-end wares.


  1. It seems like they want to convert their last remaining BB users, so they can drop support. Having to maintain support and training for BB may cost more than it’s worth.

    If they’re still selling BB’s on the site, that may not be the case, though.

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