Canonical CEO: Apple just bought up a 3-year supply of sapphire displays

“As Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth revealed the latest news about Ubuntu’s mobile plans on Wednesday, he also dropped an interesting aside remark about Apple,” David Meyer reports for Gigaom. “‘Apple just snapped up the entire 3-year supply of the same sapphire display we wanted for the Edge,’ Shuttleworth said at This is a reference to the Ubuntu Edge, a flagship handset for the mobile device that broke crowdfunding records but ultimately failed to meet its target, so it never got made.”

“What’s interesting is that the Edge was to have a 4.5-inch display,” Meyer reports. “The current iPhone 5s has a 4-inch display that is more elongated than the more traditional proportions of what would have been the Edge’s screen.”

Meyer reports, “To confuse matters further, rumors are currently floating around of Apple buying sapphire displays but at a size of 5.6 inches, for a phablet-style device that won’t use the iPhone branding.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t think you can read into the screen size based on what the Edge was supposed to be. I would assume that Apple have bought the capacity of manufacturing screens and they’ll make them at the size they want. It’s not as if there’s loads of factories making these things but only at specific and different sizes and Apple has selected one size and not another.
    Whilst being realistic within the boundaries of what can physically and economically be manufactured Apple will do what they want.

  2. Eventually someone will figure out how to make “generic” displays that can be cut to size and a raster “mapped” onto them with code. Perhaps “printed” screens?

  3. Wasn’t there a story posted recently claiming sapphire glass will be for iWatch and this is for 3 years worth of 4.5″ displays?…

    That’s some big watch you have there, Apple!

  4. let’s see….a larger screen that’s not an iPhone –
    two wild guesses (channeling my inner analyst):
    1. automotive instrumentation of some type that can detach and be used as remote / phablet. it could contain all your owners’ manuals / service history. Perhaps ties into work Apple is doing with auto manufacturers. why did they meet with Tesla? Tesla currently has a giant touch screen as its center stack.
    2. Apple TV / home automation remote

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