Latest iPhone 6 ‘leak’ is a fake

“This (see below) is not our first peek at the next iPhone,” Jacob Kastrenakes reports for The Verge.

“The images are actually renders by Martin Hajek,” Kastrenakes reports. “Sonny Dickson, who previously leaked an extensive number of parts for both the iPhone 5C and the iPad mini with Retina Display, posted a series of new photos to Twitter that purportedly featured components from Apple’s next iPhone.”

Kastrenakes reports, “Though Dickson drew attention to the photos, they appear to have originated from an anonymous leaker on Twitter.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sonny needs to be more judicious with his imprimatur lest his reputation diminish.

MacDailyNews Note: Today is Washington’s Birthday in the U.S.A., a federal holiday and, as such, the U.S. markets are closed for the day. We will resume our normal posting schedule tomorrow.

Washington’s Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

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  1. @MDN: It’s a good thing to take the day off to celebrate President’s Day but please stop mentioning that you are taking the day off because the stock market is closed. This site is supposed to be Mac Daily News and not just a US stock market news site. Give the respect to the day it deserves.

      1. President’s Day is reason enough to take the day off. The disservice I pointed out is mentioning the stock market closure. No matter how many links put in, they don’t address the fact that MDN seems to think that the stock market closure is a reason for abbreviated or no Mac news.

        1. It’s not “President’s Day,” unless you happen to be in some state that calls it that. It is Washington’s Birthday for the U.S.A., not “President’s Day.”

          Washington was and always will be the greatest U.S. President and, quite possibly, the greatest leader the world has ever seen, simply because he could have been king, yet declined for the good of his country. There is no higher U.S. patriot than Washington! A truly amazing man.

          1. Washington was aware that other governments viewed political parties as destructive because of the temptation to manifest and retain power, but also because they would often seek to extract revenge on political opponents.
            He viewed this to be detrimental to the young country as an entire nation.
            He also saw the dangers in sectionalism (North vs. South) and warned that political factions gaining enough power could seek to obstruct the execution of the laws that were created by Congress and could prevent the three branches from properly performing their duties as outlined in the Constitution.
            President Washington expresses genuine concern in that “the alternate domination” of one political party over another, thereby allowing one party to enjoy temporary power over the government that would use it to obtain revenge on the other.
            He felt that this tendency toward atrocities directed at the party out of power “…is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.”

        2. In the various states, the U.S. federal holiday, “Washington’s Birthday” is called the following:

          President’s Day:
          – Alaska
          – California
          – Colorado
          – Hawaii
          – Idaho
          – Maryland
          – Nebraska
          – New Hampshire
          – Ohio
          – Tennessee
          – Washington
          – West Virginia
          – Wyoming

          Lincoln/Washington/Presidents’ Day:
          – Arizona

          George Washington’s Birthday and Daisy Gatson Bates Day:
          – Arkansas

          Presidents’ Day:
          – Hawaii
          – Massachusetts
          – New Mexico
          – Oklahoma
          – South Dakota
          – Texas
          – Vermont

          Washington’s Birthday/President’s Day:
          – Maine

          Presidents Day:
          – Michigan
          – Minnesota
          – Nevada
          – New Jersey
          – Oregon

          Lincoln’s and Washington’s Birthday:
          – Montana

          Recognition of the birthday of George Washington:
          – North Dakota

          Washington and Lincoln Day:
          – Utah

          George Washington Day:
          – Virginia

        3. I don’t read that from MDN’s post.

          “Today is Washington’s Birthday in the U.S.A., a federal holiday” is the reason for abbreviated (or no) Mac news. The stock market being closed is an additional tidbit not the main reason for abbreviated (or no) Mac news. Obviously you read it differently.

            1. Yes I’m aware that they mention it for every holiday. I could be wrong but I think the rationale may be related to the first top of the page for every news item that of the stock price. As a stockholder I find it a useful tool and the first thing I check when I come here.

              Not being an American I appreciate the mention when there is one of their holidays and knowing that the American stock market is down is an added bonus.

            2. There you go, you are not aware of US holidays, you trade stock and trade AAPL on a sustained basis. You agree that the stock quote on MDN is a nice touch.

              While it may not be your preference I think, hope pray that you now see the benefit of MDN mentioning the fact that their stock market is closed on their holidays. It’s not a huge intellectual leap, it’s an added bonus and can be viewed as a polite gesture. Frankly Americans should be positively encouraged when it comes to polite gestures.

            3. You have a nice touch yourself, half persuasion and half menace, and it’s welcome energy in these yawn-inducing pages, if you don’t mind my saying so.

    1. I respect the day, even though it’s a generally really only a “National Holiday” if you’re a banker, government worker or similar. IMHO it shouldn’t be called “National” unless it’s a holiday for everyone – at least as much as possible in our 24 hour society.

    2. It occurs to me that MDN conceivably is a side business of someone whose day job is in a trade that observes holidays like this; in which case the sensible and healthy thing is to take a day off. Try not to read too much into it. After all, it doesn’t respect Bastille Day, either.

  2. iPhone 6???? Old news. I need to know what iPhone 28 will look like. Surely there must be some prototypes out there, and some leaked images. Inquiring minds NEED to know.

  3. Of course the latest iPhone leak is a fake, that’s modern day jouranalysm. Promote those guys, make them write book. Hey Whore street is looking to hire more souless, apply within. Free world rejoice, terrorist nation takes a holiday.

  4. To be fair, Dickson never posted the photos including the obviously fake gold phone to his website. His website has three photos, all are photos of the sliver shell. And I can see where someone might mistake the silver shell for the new pith on as it has similar design language to iPod touch and iPads.

    1. As I wrote right away back then, iPod touch-like design makes no sense because it does not have separate antenna-frame or radiotransparent “window”. Also, reported 4.7″ physically impossible to fit in the claimed 58.6 mm width (4.3-4.4″ at most).

  5. It’s funny how no one really gives a flying fsck about leaked samsung phone images. Mainly because it’ll always look like last years iPhone so where’s the surprise.

  6. I knew they were fake almost a week ago, there are multiple reports showing how the screen images were copied from previous product pictures. Anyone who follows Apple news knew this awhile ago.

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