Jony Ive’s photo blinks off and on at, panic ensues

“Fans of Apple and anyone following the stock had a moment of surprise early on Monday morning,” Dan Ritter reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “For a short period, the executive profile for Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive disappeared from Apple’s press website, prompting a surge of speculation that Ive had either quit or been fired.”

“Ive’s profile has since been reinstated, and AppleInsider noted early on that the landing page for his profile had never been taken down, just its thumbnail on the executive team page,” Ritter reports. “Apple’s public relations team has confirmed that the company was updating its executive profiles page when Ive’s profile disappeared.”

“So the disappearance was a false alarm, but the media’s knee-jerk reaction wasn’t totally unjustified,” Ritter reports. “In an interview with biographer Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs said that Ive ‘understands what we do at our core better than anyone. If I had a spiritual partner at Apple, it’s Jony.’ Ives’ relationship with Jobs and his resonance with the founder’s vision is essential for Apple.”

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Washington’s Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

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      1. Exactly.

        I prefer the olden days when Apple was an underdog that was only occasionally getting kicked by the mean-old-men of the tech press. This hyper-vigilance of every minutia regarding Apple is beyond neurotic. Apple is attracting all the nut job OCD stress cases, whom I’d personally rather ignore. It’s too much work pointing out the ridiculous nature of them blether-fests every day. Obviously, I need to be less OCD analyzing all the analCyst rubbish.

      1. Tinfoil hat tells me there are only two possibilities:

        1. Samsung’s naked short team has no idea what President’s Day is and launched their hack&short plan on the wrong day.

        2. Grey Powell is in now charge of week-end web maintenance.

        maybe they have grey powell running the weekend web maintenance updates.

  1. “So the disappearance was a false alarm, but the media’s knee-jerk reaction wasn’t totally unjustified…”

    So no one in the media has ever seen a web page glitch before?

    Should be…
    “So the disappearance was a false alarm, AND the media’s knee-jerk reaction WAS totally unjustified.”

  2. No doubt a sad day when and if Jony ever leaves, but really… I suppose there are no other people on the planet who can design products? No one is irreplaceable. Granted it will be different with someone else there just like with Tim at the helm, but sometimes different isn’t worse. Who knows, maybe the “next guy or gal” will be even better! “Always look on the bright side of life”

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