Video: A tantalizing peek at how Apple’s iPhone may look with a giant display

iPhone 6 “is rumored to be the first iPhone that Apple will offer with a 5-inch display,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

ConceptsiPhone “shows us what a 4.7-inch iPhone and a 5.5-inch iPhone will look like compared to the 4-inch iPhone 5s,” Reed reports. “While the concepts for the larger iPhones are solid, we will say that we think it’s unlikely that the devices will feature a small bump at the top that’s reminiscent of old-school Motorola phones.”

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  1. Would this all be a lot easier to just open the data plan on an old school flip phone and tether your iPads to it or give it a Wi-Fi hub ability? Want your phone call? Use the Apple iPhone head set or the flip phone. Want cellular data reach through the tethered phone or it’s Wi-Fi.

    Or men, get your man-purses ready!

      1. What’s wrong with it? Seriously? How about not being able to sync calendars from Mac to iPhone to iPad WITHOUT using iCloud?!

        What, exactly, was wrong with the direct sync feature for one’s calendars and bookmarks in iOS 6?

        1. My calendar only started working once “direct sync” as you call it isn’t used (removed?). And contacts, too.

          It was a disaster to sync all my devices before iCloud. Now it’s seamless.. (Duplicate events sending multiple accept noticed from all devices, duplicate contacts.).

          iCloud is awesome. Only those that don’t use it criticize it. I guess they don’t trust cloud services.

          I suspect BLN’s comment was directed as iOS7, not the cloud or syncing.

          BLN hates ios7, we all know. But then, he hates everything, Mikey.

      2. Randian
        Perhaps direct sync would not be best because it leaves out iCloud. Not seeming ones calendar on iCloud and other devices would not work. A direct connect would be, from what I read from you, would be computer to iPhone. Well what about not having the other device with you, or only being able to access your calendar from another computer through iCloud?

        Just asking.

      1. Me too. I LIVE by iCal every day and it syncs perfectly between my Mac and iPhone. Having it available through the web with anyone’s compute I happen to be next to is just a plus.

  2. I believe the popularity of these so called phablets is driven by the cost of owning both a phone and tablet. I don’t want a phone that big. I don’t own a tablet in any event since I need a high powered “truck” (MacBook Pro and iMac). Different strokes for different folks.

  3. So, a larger iPhone is going to change Wall Street’s perception that Apple’s iPhone growth is no longer limited? Interesting. I’m certainly anxious to see how this turns out if Apple decides to charge more for a larger iPhone.

  4. OMG! Seriously, if you want a galaxy just go buy one don’t Foist that thing on the rest of us. And I must say with all sincerity, Apple better keep making its regular sized iPhones or they will lose an iPhone customer.

      1. Yep. As I said a day or two ago – I hope I can get the 5S at a nice discount, as that will be the end of the iLine for me. I’ll go back to a flip phone before I’ll carry that thing that won’t even fit in my pocket. There were good reasons that everyone wanted smaller, smaller, smaller. Bigger isn’t the solution to that issue!

  5. OMG! Seriously, if you want a Samsung galaxy just go buy one, but don’t foist that thing on the rest of us.. if Apple decides to make this thing they better keep making the regular size iPhones too or they will lose an iPhone customer.

  6. I think it would be thinner than the smaller sizes IF THEY DO IT, because they’d have more room to spare to put shit in. They’re so used to cramming things smaller.

  7. booooooring. these rumor mongers really need to use some more imagination with their imaginary renderings.

    This concept would be vastly more appealing, with more ergonomic edges like the iPod Touch:

  8. Look we aren’t trying to climb Mt Everest here. Just because you can make something, doesn’t mean you should.

    The curved glass concept is simply ignorant, stupid, wrong.

    5.5″ is just too big. I think a 4.7 could work though, but I hope it’s achieved by going to edge to edge display, rather than making the overall device size larger.

    I placed a business card on the display of my 5s… Guess what? It is exactly the same!!!…. What does that mean? I don’t know. I kinda figure a business card is a bit small for a display, when held in my hands. But on the iPhone is seems so much bigger, in perspective. Once I put the card against my phone and saw they were the same, I felt that maybe going a little bigger wouldn’t be a problem.

    The iPhone -has- to fit in my front pocket, no matter what they make.

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