Apple registers several ‘.camera’ and ‘.photography’ domain names

“Last week, we noted that Apple has registered several new “.guru” domains, part of an initial batch of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) being launched over the coming weeks and months,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“That rollout is continuing this week, and Apple has wasted no time securing a number of additional domains in the new .camera and .photography families,” Slivka reports. “Among the new domains registered by Apple: and, and, [and] and…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. iPhotograph.apples 🙂

      If this is the slew of technologies we have been led to believe are in the pipeline, then heaven help Tim Cook! It won’t just be appleites baying for his blood, it will be Stephen Jobs himself as well!!!

      1. What? Buying domain names to secure them is insurance, not proof of intent. There are no products involved or even implied. Apple is only protecting against future DN hijacking and extortion, as well as lawsuits from the gullible and the scheming.

  1. I hope this means Apple is getting ready to release a new version of Aperture, now working on FOUR YEARS since its last major update.
    Photography is one area that Apple should outright dominate, but for whatever reason they chose to let Aperture languish while Adobe steamed ahead with Lightroom, dominating to the point where you’d be hard push to find a single pro using Ap3.

    Apple guys reading this:
    Pros want Aperture, not Lightroom, they’re just too busy to waste time with Facebook campaigns.
    Please give us: A fully tweakable UI, a feature set based on reality, not a few high end guys’ wish lists and please preinstall it on any Mac with ‘Pro’ in the title.
    Please do not give us: A FCPXed version that does something daft like eliminates RAW support. A swear, if Aperture X does to us what FCPX did to the pro video guys, I’ll never buy a new Mac again.

    1. Take a chill pill. FCP X didn’t *DO* anything to the pro video guys. In its initial release, and for the first year, it was indeed missing some crucial features that some pros needed, however their copies of FCP 7 didn’t stop working, did they? Further, most of the gaps have now been filled, and many editors are now very happy with FCP X, and think the best version of FCP ever.

      Apple rethought video editing with FCP X, and they made the overall experience a lot better, and also made the software accessible to a lot more people. Yes, it was initially missing some features, and yes, a few purists were upset because it was different, but many more now love it. If you read the more contemporary reviews of 10.1, they’re mostly glowing. For every whiny 5-percenter that’s mad about FCP X, there are five times as many that love it.

      That said, yes Aperture is long overdue for a major update. Apple needs to decide whether to support their software or not. Either push hard and be competitive or discontinue the product. Nothing good will come of stringing people along for years.

  2. .camera, .photography?
    Too many letters to type out each time.

    Apple.produce or Apple.tree should go to an apple grower. Throw them a bone for being locked out of

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