MacDailyNews 3.1 app now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

MacDailyNews 3.1 app icon and download linkMacDailyNews is pleased to announce the release of version 3.1 of our free MacDailyNews app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch via Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Besides containing fixes for layout issues in iOS 7.1 betas 3 and 4, MacDailyNews 3.1 delivers your number one request: Badge counts (beta) for iOS 7 users.

Don’t forget to give us a review in the App Store! As always, please don’t use the iTunes Store ratings for feature requests, simply contact us via the app (Submit Story) or email us directly at Thanks!

MacDailyNews 3.1 icon with badge count
MacDailyNews 3.1 icon with badge count
Note: If your MDN app icon has a stuck badge count, quit the MDN 3.1 app (in iOS 7, double tap home button and swipe up on app) and relaunch it. When you click the home button, your MDN icon badge count should be reset. The badge count will also clear out when a new push comes in, as long as the app is open or if the push is “swiped” into. After a day or so the badges should be cleared out for everyone from the old app’s push server.

The 3rd version of the MacDailyNews app is no minor update. MacDailyNews 3 is all-new, built from the ground up by Empirical Development, a Colorado-based mobile development company that has created quality software since 2004, including work on iOS apps AP Mobile, Rhapsody, Whole Foods Recipes, and many other quality apps. If you need the services of an iOS and Mac development shop, Empirical Development is your answer. MacDailyNews recommended!

MacDailyNews offers our a huge thanks to Empirical’s co-founder Kyle Richter, project lead Joe Keeley, and everyone on Empirical’s design and engineering teams for the excellent work they’ve put into crafting this app. Simply put, working with Empirical on this project over the past months has been a stress-free joy!

MacDailyNews 3.1 for iPad
MacDailyNews 3.1 for iPad

With all-new article features, improved Notifications, easy ways to share, and many new feedback features, our new app is designed to deliver on our raisons d’être: “To scour the Web for articles that interest Apple product users, remark on the content of these articles, provide news about Apple Inc. and their products, and to opine about all things related to Apple. Most importantly, MacDailyNews exists to provide a place for our readers and the Apple community to discuss these daily news items in their own words with real-time feedback.”

If you haven’t tried it yet, we think you’ll appreciate the powerful simplicity of our new app. There’s a lot more than first meets the eye.

MacDailyNews 3.1 for iPhone
MacDailyNews 3.1 for iPhone

The new MacDailyNews app offers much improved Push Notifications. When enabled, the MacDailyNews app will notify users when each new article is posted. The new Notifications display each article’s headline. When tapped, these new Notifications will now take you to the exact article within the app. To control the various aspects of notifications (Sounds, Alerts, Badges), on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings > Notification Center > MDN.

Features of MacDailyNews 3.1 include:
– Badge Counts (beta) for iOS 7 or later
– Built for iOS 7 but works well on iOS 6.1 or later
•- Quick, up-to-the minute Apple-related news
– Infinite scrolling
•- Visited headlines, so you know what you’ve read at a glance
– Push notifications
•- All-new, easy-to-read clean design
– Dynamic font resizing
– Supports 4-inch iPhone 5s/5c/5 Retina displays
– All new custom comments
– Complete comment rating system
– New comments display and count
– Pull to refresh articles and comments
– Favorites
– Offline support, including offline comments
– Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, email, AirDrop)
– Full article display with dynamic Reader Feedback
– Complete poll integration
– Full support for Tags (search by tag words)
– Easy login screen for registered users
– Quick and easy Submit Story feature

We hope you like our new app and use it often. Update or download today!

The MacDailyNews 3.1 app is available via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

We sincerely thank all of our app users for their patience. We spent a lot of time planning this new app, finding the right developer, beta testing, etc. We hope you think the new app was worth the wait!

Don’t forget to give us a review in the App Store! As always, please don’t use the iTunes Store ratings for feature requests, simply contact us via the app (Submit Story) or email us directly at Thanks!


  1. Hey MDN, you’ve banned me a couple of times in the past (well, more than a couple but then who’s counting) but I’m not one to bear a grudge.

    I think your app is the bee’s knees. For our foreign readers out there bee’s knees means fantastico. I’d give it 5 stars out of 5. Your app developer outdid himself. The app really pops on my iPad & iPhone.

    Who cares if the badge count works or not. I don’t know, I only enable badge counts for missed calls, messages and emails on my iPhone so I don’t get swamped by badge counts sitting on my icons.

    Thanks MDN, you guys did a great job. I really enjoy reading the stories and comments on my iPad. Beats leafing through a webpage any day.

  2. For the record, I have never gotten a badge count. I kill the app several times a day, but I have never seen a badge count icon.

    I have version 3.1 installed on my phone and ipad.

  3. The post comment box is way too small and has no formatting options. And there’s still no way to edit comments.

    Other than that it’s alright. Pay to remove ads would also be a nice feature.

  4. Well done on a useful update.
    Now all we need is to be able to zoom and move in article view (something all other news aggregators seem to be able to do) and swipe forward and back and we’ll have caught up with the iOS feature set…

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