Apple’s Super Bowl past, present, and future

With the 2014 edition of football’s biggest game — and advertising’s biggest stage — approaching, AppleInsider looks back at what Apple and the Super Bowl have meant to each other.

“Apple opened its Super Bowl advertising career with a bang: the company’s iconic “1984” commercial is universally hailed as one of the greatest television ads of all time and its airing is considered by many to be a watershed moment in advertising history,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider. “That ad’s 1985 followup was markedly less successful. Aiming for the same struggle-for-freedom message of its predecessor, the new spot — dubbed “Lemmings” — was startlingly brutal and fell well short of its mark.”

“Featuring a line of people hurling themselves off of a cliff,” Cole reports, “many potential customers felt insulted by the commercial and it has since been panned by critics as one of the worst advertisements in Apple’s history.”

Cole reports, “Apple marks two pearl anniversaries this year: the Mac and its iconic coming out spot both turn 30. The company’s celebratory ad blitz has yet to hit the airwaves, but old collaborator Lee Clow has hinted that may change come Sunday.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. With all the hoopla around mobile payments (Cook direct reference and recent patents) it would be great to see a Super Bowl ad featuring big brother as the banking and credit industry and a savior who lifts the context to heretofore only imagined levels.

  2. Certainly, Apple ad reps are up to something creative 30 and look forward to their work.

    I don’t expect them to best the iconic 1984 ad in the current age of Apple flat as a highway frog design, but one can hope …

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