What could Apple revolutionize next?

“30 years ago Apple announced the Mac. Back in 1977 they’d helped spearhead the personal computer revolution with the Apple II, putting a command-line interface into homes and onto desks in a way that had never been possible before,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “In 1984 Mac did the same for graphical interfaces, harnessing the power of the mouse, pointer, and windows metaphor to make computers even easier to use.”

“In 2001 Apple expanded into music, unleashing the iPod + iTunes and kicking off the mobile entertainment revolution,” Ritchie writes. “2007 marked perhaps the most important announcement in Apple’s history, taking elements of their existing businesses, personal and mobile, and revolutionizing the phone with the iPhone. 2010 saw Apple bridge the gap between iPhone and Mac and once again made the computer even more personal with the iPad.”

“Any of those would have been the achievement of a lifetime. All of them, the achievement of Apple so far,” Ritchie writes. “But after over 30 years of making the computer even more personal and portable, what on earth could follow? What else in our digital world, what of the magnitude of the computer or the phone, what could Apple revolutionize next?”

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      1. Yeah but ripping Blu-ray disks is a legitimate activity unless they can cram 30 GB of high definition video down the pipe over the Internet.

        Physical media isn’t dead – it’s not on life support either. Physical media is dead to Apple more like because Apple wants to charge you money for watching a movie over iTunes rental. That’s the real reason why they removed Blu-ray support. It doesn’t make them money.

        1. Apple never sold machine with a Blu-ray drive, so HOW could they remove it??? 😎
          I really just want a media server on my network. It can have the optical drive. That will be much more efficient.
          Need some place for my iTunes Library, it’s over 150 GB now. (Yes, I have boxes and boxes and boxes of CDs.)

      2. Really? Could you please tell me the alternative. I’d really like to know about an alternative media storage that is not physical. Media and data can be stored on vinyl, paper, pottery, sculpture, CD, DVD, blu-ray, lithography, hard drives, flash drives, DNA and the like but those are all physical and I doubt they are getting obsolete.

        Are you talking about some energetic quantum storage that relies solely on energy? Even energy has some physical properties, but go ahead, I’m always ready to learn new things.

  1. How about:
    1) the speeches, letters and presentations by Tim Cook. Less bla-bla what only Apple can deliver, more charisma
    2) Pages, Numbers, Keynote after crippling it
    3) quarterly conferences so that the stock no longer goes down after any record quarter
    Lots of work, right?

    1. Watching Tim Cook speak is about as amusing as watching paint dry.

      Even after watching Tim Cook speak, you’d still be left scratching your head because he hasn’t said anything of substance. At least with watching paint dry, you get a new coat of paint, which is more useful than watching Tim Cook speak.

      1. Most investors leave the room before Tim Cook speaks. They’re running to call their brokers to dump Apple shares so they’re not the only one to be standing when the music stops. The saying goes “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” Well, in Apple’s case, “It’s all over before Tim Cook speaks.”

        Apple shareholders and getting pounded in so many ways it’s like they’re fighting a centipede trained in martial arts. It’s unbelievable how a company with so much money keeps losing value quarter after quarter while there are companies making no profits gaining value quarter after quarter. Apple is truly fighting a losing battle of shareholder value despite everything it has done over the past year.

        Apple has already given the Death Notice of Guidance for this current quarter. Things are only guaranteed to get uglier for Apple shareholders. It appears to be a never-ending downward spiral of value for Apple. Tim Cook may not notice it but everyone else seems to because he was definitely grinning as Apple kissed $500 upon earnings call.

        1. Calling you on your ridiculous BS. When Apple keeps stockpiling Billion, capital B Billions each quarter how are they ‘losing’ value?

          Wallstreet and their stock manipulations/ machinations are worthless. Wallstreet and its analcysts are the one without value.

          If Wallstreet went belly up, imploded and ceased to exist, Apple would still be going strong.

          If you are an Apple shareholder and don’t like the stock price, you have an option, sell it and get out out.

          APPL≠ Apple Inc

  2. To be sure Apple will be first & the rest willfully infringe Apple’s IP with no support from the injustice systems of today. What is to point to filing patents if they are not upheld? Where is the incentive of innovation when corrupt corporations steal your IP and PROFIT FROM YOUR HARD WORK?

  3. What is left that Apple possibly revolutionize? Google and Android are already in EVERY device you can think of. Smart pencil sharpeners and smart toilet paper dispensers all powered by Android. Google is truly following a Scorched Earth policy. Leave nothing standing for the enemy to use. Android has already burned down the entire mobile industry leaving nothing for Apple or other non-Android rivals to use.

    Besides, if Apple, by chance, discovers some new untapped device market, Google/Android will immediately jump into it. Apple’s only solution is to take down Google and that will likely be the end of Android. It’s Tim Cook’s only move.

  4. Closed-loop transportation.

    Apple isn’t about products; it’s also about experiences.

    Payments will be their next big foray. If Yahoo doesn’t up their game, I would seriously consider entering search.

    Wearables offers a good system for payments, but I think it has greater potential for the field of medicine. If Apple makes a quality device, they can open up the consumer market for medical devices in a new way.

    Finally, there is transportation. Apple does things from the bottom up. Cars, as a form of transportation in the current form, are boring and dangerous. What good is a Tesla or a Google car if I still have to sit in traffic behind a wheel? Apple should create a fully-automated system from the ground up. New car designs, no traffic, high speeds.

    Build something in the Midwest as a testing ground. Between a college town and a larger city. See what happens.

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