Donald Trump explains Apple’s stock swoon

“Donald Trump has taken to Twitter, voicing his concerns over Apple’s lack of ‘vision’ and ‘momentum,'” Jordan Crook reports for TechCrunch.

“On the heels of yesterday’s earnings report, which included record iPhone and iPad sales, Apple’s stock dropped about 8 percent in after-hours trading,” Crook reports. “Why? According to Trump, because the iPhone needs a large-screen option.”

“Despite selling a record number of iPhones (51 million), Apple missed expectations by a few million units,” Crook reports. “The iPhone 5c, meanwhile, didn’t perform the way the company had expected.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. There might be a case for them selling a bigger screen, but if it was as simple as that Samsung would be making all the profit in the “smartphone” market. They’re not.

      1. Actually this is the biggest annoyance. Samsung is beginning to struggle a little in an Android Eco system that was always going to trend towards the lowest common denominator. If Apple had shown some inspiration and flexibility here they could have seriously put the pressure on their higher end products. If you aren’t launching new product sectors then at least make the most of the product sectors you are relying upon.

    1. Trump for President? While I’d have a hard time supporting such a notion, I doubt he could be any worse than the imbeciles that have been occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the past 20+ years or so.

      The problem is, we have a group of people in DC who are willing to risk and endanger an entire nation for political reward. I have little doubt random names chosen from a phone book would yield better results than the current crop of imbeciles ruining the country.

  1. Trump- charter member of the lucky sperm club- is a prime example of one of our country’s biggest problems. He was born on 3rd base and thought he triple (thanks, Molly Ivins) and has been bailed out more than Chrysler.

    Only a moron could have a monopoly on the NE Casino market and go bankrupt. The only reason he was bailed out is the banks wanted to see if he could dig out of the hole.

    What a complete and total turd.

  2. Could somebody please explain to me why Apple is so much down after making a HUGE profit yet again?

    And why is Google on the rise again when they haven’t done anything new/remarkable/innovative for years? Seems like GOOG is teach..err Wall Streets pet year after year..

    What on earth is going on here???

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