Apple debuts two new iPad Air ads: ‘Light Verse’ and ‘Sound Verse’

Apple today debuted two new iPad Air ads on broadcast and cable TV networks.

The ads are titled, ‘Light Verse’ and ‘Sound Verse.” Both are standard :30 spots cut down from the epic :90, “Your Verse Anthem,” that Apple debuted 10 days ago on January 12th.

This is somewhat typical in television advertising (for large, well-funded campaigns): Introduce your theme with a longer commercial and then switch to shorter, less-expensive-to-run, commercials that evoke the longer piece in the minds of the viewers. Basically, the advertiser gets a good amount of the :90 bang for their buck, but only has to pay for the :30 after the :90 ad run has been properly saturated. The viewers who’ve seen the :90 version enough times will actually mentally fill in enough of the missing parts to relive enough of whatever the original long-form spot evoked for this practice to work well for the advertiser.

Amid shots of iPad Air being used in a wide variety of situations, the voiceover, Robin Williams’ English teacher John Keating from the film Dead Poets Society, reads:

To quote from Whitman: “O me, O life of the questions of these recurring. Of the endless trains of the faithless. Of cities filled with the foolish. What good amid these, O me, O life? Answer: That you are here. That life exists and identity. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

What will your verse be?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Enough already, the original add was really beautiful and powerful but if they keep playing it they are going to kill it. They showed it a couple of times during the playoffs, first time nice, second time not so good. I guess they never heard of The Law of Diminishing Returns, first hamburger tastes great but the third one….

  2. Today I tried to teach my father how to use email on his iPad. He used to know how to do it intuitively under iOS 6. All the text and icons were legibly labelled and laid out and most importantly the icons could be understood at a glance. That together with Notes where he would jot down various stuff that he could use to copy and paste to mail. Nothing simpler. He was managing fine under iOS 6.

    Now with all the thin fonts under iOS 7 and the shitty flat icons that no one understands and the revamped mail layout not to mention the funny colors in Notes – can you imagine putting yellow text on a white background – it’s all gone to hell.

    So no matter how many f***ing adverts they run on TV, unless they sort out the f***ing mess that is iOS 7, there’s no f***ing point in getting an iPad. F*** Apple, they really went backwards on this iOS shit.

    1. SPOT ON BLN… Thank you. I feel the same way..and have STUCK with iOS 6… As my wife and kids hate iOS 7.
      So get this,
      Apples SPOTS are made to position their product to the “ELITE” supposedly.. The money crowd, but in the meantime, they DUMB DOWN everything.. So I’m to think Apple thinks all their target Elite customers and Pro’s are not bright enough to work their OS, it had to be dumbed down for some reason.
      I’d like to choke the designer who thought that the general public couldn’t DEFINE the word DEFINE, which is now replaced by “LOOK UP”… Hey Apple, thanks for clearing that up,, The old iOS was SOOO challenging… What a joke.

      1. In other words, tell good old Dad to F*&$ with every setting to make iOS 7 NOT work like iOS 7,, That should convince your Dad that the extra money he spent on the iPad was worth it. Your Dad will be right back to the newspaper. Apples Dumbing down has made things more difficult.. Reminds me of the old one that goes — NASA spent millions of dollars designing a ball point pen with ink that flowed correctly in zero gravity… the Russians used a pencil….. K.I.S.S…

      2. Sorry, I don’t accept that. Why should Apple make me jump through hoops to make the iPad halfway usable. It’s a failure in UI design that I should go through arcane changes in settings to correct obvious UI mistakes. Don’t buy that at all – iOS 6 was usable out of the box. iOS 7 is just a shitty mess.

        Apple is losing its lustre as a hardware maker with the most usable OS on earth, so simple that a 5 year old can operate it without a manual and without jumping through hoops. They’re forgetting Steve Jobs dictum of ‘intersection of technology and liberal arts’, and not a geek’s wet dream. That’s the problem with Cook – no understanding of what the user wants.

        Does your car manufacturer make you open your left rear door while driving in order to make the car drive in a straight line? Complete stupid idea. Ive f***ed up big time with the UI.

    2. For once, BLN and I completely agree on something.

      My wife and I both have an iPhone 4s. For various reasons (primarily having just moved to a new area and needing mapping I was familiar with), I didn’t upgrade to iOS 6, and not the follow-on iOS 7. I’m still at iOS 5.

      But she recently upgraded to iOS 7. I despise the flat look. Though not as passionate about it, she’s no fan of the new look.

      Sure, I’d love the ability to have the “do not disturb” function where no one but certain family members can call me after hours. But the lack edges and 3D-look to icons, the use of pastels overlaid with fields of other types of pastels, and the use of Helvetica Light makes it more slower for the eye to parse and discern what is what.

      Sure, iOS 7 looks nice in commercials; but I think Jobs was right in having a certain amount of skeuomorphism to make objects look like… well… objects. And to use typefaces that are optimized for actual reading rather than for special-purpose display type.

      Every time I look at my wife’s iOS 7-powered iPhone, I hear a pronounced Australian accent saying “At Apple, we dissolve the barriers between science and the humanities fuse technology with the soul humanity” or other such nonsense.

      I believe this is part where, even though I own six Apple devices, starting with a max’d-out 27-inch iMac, and began my fan-boy status beginning with the original 128 k Mac…

      …where the deserving and righteous Apple faithful, who know not to question The Company Of All Wisdom, use every web browser at their disposal to click the “1-star” rating a half-dozen times and assail me (and Ballmer’s left nut) for not being willing to drink this batch of Kool Aid.

      The “one-star” icon to click is right…
      ↓ there.

  3. I know so many people including myself who think Apple adverts like this come off as pretentious. So this spot in every scene shows the Ipad being used as a video camera. Big deal..
    Why not make the case against the competition, or go after the gaming crowd, or show the functionality of the Ipad in education, or business, or with young kids.. real functionality. Something the competition cant do.. What would that be anyway???
    This is a video camera add. All the tablets do this. Some better… so rather than differentiate between Apple and the competition, it projects the BMW attitude. Fine..
    So Apple is going for the upper crust $ niche.. I get it. problem is, it’s a niche.. Doesn’t really help my AAPL. I have to add a tangent, I felt so bad watching people buy cheaper 16 GB Ipads over the holidays, because it was within their budget, knowing how fast they will be out of memory.. The iOS and a few apps fill 16 GB.. Apple should be embarrassed selling something with that little capacity. How much does memory cost? I can pick up a 64 GB sd card for $35. So all of those people will max out their 16gb Ipads with 30 minutes of video..
    – I hope their “VERSE” isn’t that long…
    Another peeve, So they price the difference between the 64GB and 128 GB at $100, so why cant they go from 16 GB to 80 GB for the same $100.00, OR, they sell 16 GB for $100 AND 64 GB for the same $100.00 AAHHHGGG!
    Another thing is, the only place I ever see these adds is on MDN… Do they really run these??? Twinkle toes Tim cant go fast enough for me…

    1. WTF are you talking about? Less than 1/3 of the apps in the commercials have anything to do with shooting videos or stills. I counted one or maybe two examples that were purely shooting video.

      I’ve seen the new several times on national TV channels. Perhaps you’re not looking, or more likely, you’re watching TV shows or networks that doesn’t fit the demographic Apple is trying to reach.

      Finally, you know what my pet peeve is? People who whine and bitch about Apple, here. Constantly. If you don’t like their approach, and you think they’re doing it all wrong, then sell your AAPL and move on. Please.

      1. I have sold half my AAPL, and the last two years has seen the stock maintain at $530 ish, if not dump from $700 while the general stock market is through the roof… up at least 25%…

        I dont care what you think, I comment in the hope that any Apple employee uses this as feedback.. Apple clearly has turned a “dumbed down” direction and many people do not like the results. Perhaps the new direction has helped you. So complain I will. I depend on my Apple products. Apple is still clearly better than the competition, but losing ground. I’ve been through this for 25 years. I’d like to see them continue to rule. Let’s see what the future holds.

  4. These are NOT new ads, they are just short versions of the original long ad.
    Nothing unusual, EVERY quality ad that is long goes through the same thing.

    Before someone states the story already says that, keep in mind that the lead reads “Apple today debuted two new iPad Air ads” and the headline also uses the word “New”

    1. Yes.

      I was in advertising.
      You put long ads first and then cut versions . Audiences remember the long ads, the short ones just jog their memories and reinforces . Cheaper to run short ads.
      Eventually you can put a few frames like “what’s your verse?” and people will remember it.
      (that’s the theory anyways. )
      (My peeve is that the soundtrack of Williams voice doesn’t cut very well in the short version, abrupt. they should manipulate the last word make it longer and fade. My 2 cents. )

  5. Funny how everyone here was having an orgasm over this Robin Williams pap when it first came out, and now they don’t want to hear it anymore. You sure are a bunch of fickle f**kers.

  6. Lot of griping on this subject, much of it from the usual, unreliable sources. BLN, your rant makes very little sense. The basic operations have not changed under iOS 7. Change to thicker fonts using the Accessibility setting (and change contrast, too, if you need to) and everything *should* be fine. You may not like the iOS 7 icons, but they work fine. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. You exaggerate things and then repeat yourself to excess, as if that somehow increases the validity of your viewpoint.

    Enough with the iOS 7 icon hatred. They are not that bad and they certainly do not destroy the user experience.

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