Jim Cramer: Apple’s China Mobile deal much bigger than Wall Street thinks

“Apple’s blockbuster China Mobile deal will send analysts back to the drawing board, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Wednesday,” Jeff Morganteen reports for CNBC. “Wall Street has vastly underestimated the distribution deal that opens up the world’s largest wireless market to Apple products at a considerable markup — $874 for each iPhone 5S.”

“Cramer called Apple stock inexpensive, and he likes how Apple hasn’t changed its strategy as it enters the huge Chinese mobile market. The company still plans to charge premium prices for its products, leading Cramer to compare it to luxury auto maker BMW,” Morganteen reports. “‘I do believe a lot of analysts have gotten lukewarm about the China deal,’ Cramer said on Squawk on the Street. ‘This is coming as a kind of a wake-up call to those who have been saying, ‘Listen it’s not that big, it’s not that additive.’ It’s clearly the biggest thing that’s happened to Apple in a very long time.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris Renaldi” for the heads up.]


      1. Its not analyst’s fault. They might be thinking that AAPL should sell 100m iphone 5s but they were short by 1 phone and that is not good enough. But it’s ok for AMZN
        all i say is dont listen to them. They are crooks

    1. Wow–the wolf is sheep clothes Cramer is back on the bandwagon……again, earlier today he was bashing Apple and comparing them to Google when discussing the Nest aquisition, saying the they should be more like Google and spend their treasure chest of cash at whim–welcome back Jim, you puppeteer, he and his friends are likely the ones holding back the stock and shorting to buy at lower levels !

      1. 2 days ago, Jim Cramer decided to use Apple’s chart to recommend AAPL so that the stations advertising dollars from Samsung would be secure without out ever having to state “buy Apple because it is a really great company far ahead of the competition”. He also compared it the the Twitter stock. He stated if the stock rose $14 or more without pulling back, that it was past time to get in and buy AAPL. It went up more and now (according to the charts) people should be already be in.

        So, now he sees one of the catalyst and still doesn’t see the “Big Picture” yet. No problem. They will.

  1. similar to Microsoft, Wall Street is irrelevant. At least,  realizes that. I considered posting links about how China has outpaced the United States on virtually every fiscal front, but, hey, you guys already know that…well, except the morons who still believe the Pepsi jingle, “Yes, we can.”

  2. Everyone in China who can afford an iPhone already has one, so that’s the end of any future iPhone sales. I’d heard the only way most Chinese consumers can own an iPhone is to sell their internal organs. That honestly doesn’t sound good for Apple although I imagine most consumers don’t need two kidneys to live a healthy life.


    1. You don’t know what you are talking about. It is the phone that most Chinese professionals want to have. Sit in on some business meetings in China and you will know better.

  3. some day these old Wall Street guys that can’t wrap their little brains around the fact that Apple WON, on it’s own terms, against MS, are gonna die. They will go to their graves clinging to the idea that they were right all along about Apple, uttering in their last dying breaths, “Apple is doomed!” ~ then the young crop of investors will begin to value Apple like the other stocks on the market, and the stock will double just on that. At least I hope so!

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