Why Apple’s iPhone is bigger than most people think

“It’s no secret that Apple is increasingly becoming a one quarter company, generating a bigger portion of sales and profits during the holiday season than in any other quarter,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet. “What’s not known, however, is just how big Apple’s quarter was. Judging by some analysis on Wall Street, it could be much bigger than anyone imagined.”

“Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley, who rates Apple shares “buy” with a $600 price target, noted that his holiday surveys indicated ‘very strong iPhone 5s sales,’ and improved the supply level for all colors and size,” Ciaccia reports. “Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook has said in the past that he was expecting an ‘iPad Christmas,’ but given the results of this survey and from others on Wall Street, the iPhone could top the iPad in revenue, units sold, and buzz created by a massive margin.”

Ciaccia reports, “‘We were disappointed with the lack of innovation from Android rivals at CES, and we believe a potential mid-year refresh for iPhone 6 and the upcoming larger-screen iPad position Apple for solid Y/Y F2014/15 sales growth,’ Walkley penned in his note.'”

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    1. Android 2010s is like Windows/PC era…. just make it faster, bigger screen, more storage, and few useless OS variations/apps built in.

      They wait for Apple every year…

      If Apple added a bigger screened iPhone to their line up. The common user has little reason to go android except for 2 reasons… $ and Apple hater.

  1. You should have seen the BBC Tech team desperately traversing CES looking for something decent to report upon. Curved phones with no discernible purpose (as they admitted) was the most innovative thing they could come up with it seems, oh plus a fun run with bland wearable tech apparently. Desperation.

        1. Given that England is the home of Adam Smith (the father of free market economics) and John Maynard Keynes (the father of state intervention in economic activity), I find it strange that the BBC identifies itself more with the views of Marx & Engels than say Milton Friedman (the father of supply side economics and monetary control).

          The last and best prime minister Britain ever had was the modern Boudicca, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, who singlehandedly slayed the dead hand of the state.

          Now they’re all wet behind the ears capitalists with no conviction of capitalist values.

          1. I regret to inform you that Adam Smith was Scottish and not English. Your views on the BBC and Margaret Thatcher are equally misinformed. Stick to commenting on Apple technology rather than talking political rubbish on this site.

            1. Oh puhlease… Semantics. He meant the UK (many use England when they actually mean the United Kingdom or British Isles. Just like people use “american” when the mean The United States, because as you know “America” is a continent not a country)
              Would you like to be corrected next time you refer to someone or something as “American” (when you really mean US)?
              Didn’t think so.

            2. This is not mere semantics, it is a geographical and political fact. Irish people will be interested to know that you consider them part of the UK as well? And yes I am always pleased to be corrected when I upset a person’s sensibilities. I was aware that America was a continent and not a country but I confess to being lazy and using the term American. In future, however I will consider you my United Statesian friend and mentor. (I assume you are from the United States). Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.

          2. You forgot to mention that way back when one of the English Finance Ministers invented deficit spending for government operations. Most of the developed world’s governments have been living with (and within) that crazy move ever since.

          1. @borismcguffin I will. While I still appreciate the stories and opinions on this site, the benefits of sticking around are giving way to the mental costs of reading irrelevant, troll-tastic political comments. Seriously, the BBC is a communist media organization? I’d expect a proposition like that from demented charlatans and Glenn Beck. I agree the BBC has an obnoxious left-leaning bias—a lot of the media has a bias—but MDN isn’t the place I’d like to be reminded of that.

            I’m not saying MDN should do ANYTHING about these comments—let them thrive!

            @citizen Sure, sometimes. But you haven’t identified “the truth.”

            1. The thing is, MDN has been like this for so many years, I’ve lost count. Maybe they’ve always been like this. But I’m willing to put up with (or more accurately, to skip) the RW political comments for the sheer joy of watching this site follow the f***-ups and collapses of Apple’s idiot a-hole competition. Most Apple sites are too nice to spend much time covering the pratfalls of companies other than Apple.

              Reading MDN and following the rise of the iPod and iTunes, and the desperate, incompetent, hilarious collapses of its pompous, arrogant competition was one of the highlights of the previous decade for me. I’m willing to put up with some crap comments for that kind of entertainment. No one’s making me read them, after all.


            2. MDN has chosen not to require user registration as a prerequisite for posting. That step, alone, would eliminate a large portion of the political, trolling, and otherwise disruptive commentary. This garbage detracts from the good posts because you either waste your time scrolling through the not-Scottish content, or give up and miss some of the good stuff. We used to have some really good Mac conversations on this site.

            3. And I thought that it was just me who felt this way! Thank you for the vote for staying on topic. As for myself, I wish that there was someone to moderate, and keep us from veering way off-field into, more often than not, mean-spirited and unwanted political commentary.

              Everyone has the right to their points of view politically, but there are more appropriate places for it (such as a political forum); especially since it means that points a tad more relevant to Apple in particular, and technology in general, will potentially be missed.

              There may actually be someone on MDN playing that role, though their invisible hand is nowhere to be seen.

  2. ” is increasingly becoming a one quarter company, generating a bigger portion of sales and profits during the holiday season than in any other quarter”

    you forgot -> but still generating higher than most rivals best holiday season in every other quarter

  3. Methinks BLN is actually just a dummy account MDN uses to inject direction into the threads.

    But, anyway, related to this story: Android didn’t show any innovation because Apple hasn’t shifted the paradigm yet. The labs at Google, Motorola, Samsung and their ilk are full of engineers keeping the proverbial copy machines warm so they can be nimble when they need to be . . . probably around the time Apple’s iPhone 6 is announced.

    1. You’re kidding right? They are madly trying to get a 64-bit chip to market because Apple yanked the specs rug from underneath their marketing strategies.
      Not to mention the separate, power-sipping M7 and TouchID. You bet they’re “innovating” copies as fast as they possibly can. Their versions should come out just after Apple releases updated versions of all of the above plus whatever new they’re planning.

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