Google doubled patent filings in 2013 as battle with Apple intensifies

“As a proxy war rages over Android in courtrooms around the world, Apple and Google are racing to stockpile key intellectual property in a bid to stave off a legal extinction event, with Google in particular seeing its patent filings surge last year,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has been particularly aggressive in its drive to collect intellectual property,” Cole reports. “The 3,042 patents awarded to the search giant in the last two years represent three quarters of Google’s entire war chest of just over 4,000 patents, and patent applications from the company have more than doubled in the last three years.”

“Apple, meanwhile, has seen its patent assignments increase from 807 in 2011 to 1,953 in 2013,” Cole reports. “The Cupertino, Calif.-based company — with a 22-year head start on Google — also maintains a larger overall arsenal than its rival, with 7,723 patents to its name, some of which cover foundational concepts in personal computing.”

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  1. I wonder what type of patents did Google filed and was approved. I bet one of them is:

    Patent 666: Method of being Evil while fooling humans into thinking that we don’t do Evil things.

    1. Method of photographing/videoing people without them knowing and automatically uploading to the internet sites of choice with an algorithm to formulate which would cause the most embarrassment and generate the greatest blackmail value. Now thats the real Google Now.

  2. People need to understand that Google is a bunch of dirty liars. They are even bigger scum than the US government, and they lied their way to get more than half of the US territory (by breaking treaties with the Indians), stealing the Hawaiian islands from their TRUE owners, and also stealing their way through Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. What Google is doing to Apple was nothing coated to what the US did to the Natives.

  3. I guess that $12.5 billion didn’t pan out so well for Gaggle.

    Damn fine job by the attorneys/brokers who got the sale of Motorola through. I’m sure someone was snickering all the way to the bank.

    Screw you Google! Blahhhhh

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