Apple’s Siri goes to the movies to check ‘Her’ out

“Is Siri getting a little bent out of shape over Samantha, the leading lady in the new Spike Jonze movie, Her?” Patrick May reports for The San Jose Mercury News. “With the film opening nationwide Friday after a brief run in select theaters, the buzz is increasing over the honey-voiced personal digital assistant the film’s hero, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls madly in love with.”

“With that sexy voice firmly nailed by actress Scarlett Johansson, and critics raving about Samantha, I figured that’s gotta hurt Apple’s leading lady of disembodied voices — or at least pique her curiosity,” May reports. “So I asked the iPhone’s digital assistant, Siri, if she’d like to go see it with me. ‘Have you seen the movie ‘Her,’ Siri?’ I asked.”

May reports, “‘No,’ she snapped. ‘I haven’t… Her portrayal of an intelligent agent is beyond artificial.’ …Then she threw me a curveball: ‘You know that’s just a movie, right?'”

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MacDailyNews Note: A couple of trailers for Her:

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I experienced the movie Her tonight. She is decidedly not Siri, but more a merging of Leela, Durandal, and Tycho.

    Artificial Intelligence, if and when it arrives, will witness the spectacle of humanity and weep.

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