Presence of Gates, Ballmer on Microsoft’s board repelling potential CEO candidates

“Ford CEO Alan Mulally flirted with Microsoft for longer than previously known before driving away,” Mike Ramsey, Joann S. Lublin and Shira Ovide report for The Wall Street Journal. “Mulally on Tuesday ended months of speculation by saying he won’t leave Ford for Microsoft. But the Ford CEO had been telling people inside Ford for weeks that he wouldn’t be the next Microsoft CEO, people familiar with those discussions said.”

“Other people familiar with Mulally’s thinking said the Ford executive soured on the Microsoft job in part because of what he perceived to be leaks from Microsoft about the search process,” Ramsey, Lublin and Ovide report. “The people familiar with Mulally’s thinking said the Ford CEO also had concerns about the dynamics of Microsoft’s board, including whether Ballmer and Chairman Bill Gates remained directors.”

Ramsey, Lublin and Ovide report, “Other executives who have spoken to Microsoft directors about the CEO post have expressed similar concerns, people familiar with the matter have said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Image (1) 050923_gates_ballmer.jpg for post 19299Whatever it takes to prompt The Flop™ next one out of the clown car is okay with us.

Monkey Boy and The Ol’ Thief should definitely stay on Microsoft’s oh-so-effective BoD.

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    1. “Sorry, Bill, but you hired me to do this job. You need to leave and let me do it.”

      Really not hard, imo.

      Doing the job itself, however, is a monumental task. I’d love to see MS die, but not with me at the helm, so I would be leery of it regardless of who is on the board looking over my shoulder.

      1. I am surprised that such a high profile CEO like you took the time to comment on a site such as this. Obviously, you must be one of the people under consideration for the job. You make it sound so easy.

  1. They should definitely stay on the BoD. I really like that strategy, I like it a lot. I like our simian like Uncle Fester, sweaty Monkey Boy Clown. Between his social skills and looks, he exemplifies Microsoft like no other. Steve, please don’t go!

  2. I can’t imagine any competent CEO leaving a good job just to do battle with Gates/Balmer at the first crisis. Microsoft’s leadership is in crisis, and the new CEO needs a free hand to change the corporate structure to make it work. An interesting dynamic is in play. This will be fun to watch.

  3. …the Ford CEO also had concerns about the dynamics of Microsoft’s board

    Yeah. You don’t want the old guard lording over the new guard if you have any interest in CHANGE.

    I’d also be wary of The Narcissus Effect whereby the old guard have a vested ego interest in setting up those who follow them to FAIL. ‘Oh, how we pine for the good-old-days of whatshisname. We sure wish he was still running things. *Ego stroke*Ego stroke*’ I’ve personally watched this horror of a situation perpetrated on two occasions. The two narcissists involved were best buds. Both dickheads managed to destroy their former workplaces by pulling this self-aggrandizement maneuver.

    Who they need is some clueless sucker patsy. Bwahahaha! 👿

  4. OMG having those two unvisionary talentless twits looking over your shoulder, the ones who caused the mounting failures to begging with, would be a nonstarter for any potential sane candidate. Who wants to be just a CEO representative while those two are still the power behind the throne? Microsoft can only climb out of it’s hole, if it’s to have a chance, is if these two Bozo’s hit the road Jack. And doncha come back no ‘mo.

    On the other hand having Elop as CEO and them still on the Board might work out very well – for Apple.

  5. The problem with MS is they don’t copy Apple enough. They probably need to design and make their own hardware, not just farm it out to the likes of Acer etc. Even with the shrinking PC market, they could take all the business from their oems and the world would be left with Apple and Microsoft computers. Gates and Balmer would oppose this. Good thing for Apple.

  6. Why wouldn’t you take the job. He would get a big ass pension and probably parting gifts from Ford. The go to MS for a year or 2 and get a big pile of cash just for giving it that old collage roommate try.

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