Apple’s iPhone 6 said to be just 6 millimeters thin

“A report from Korean site ET News says Apple is working hard on the next big iteration of its cash cow smartphone dubbed “iPhone Air,” according to sources somewhere in the Chinese IT and supply chain universe,” Eric Mack reports for Forbes.

“To earn the moniker already bestowed upon the top-of-the-line iPad and Mac models, the new iPhone will reportedly measure only 6 millimeters thick (Apple refers to this measurement more often as ‘depth’),” Mack reports. “For comparison, the current iPhone 5S has a depth of 7.6 mm and the old-school iPhone 3GS is a seemingly clunky brick by 2014 standards, measuring in at over 12 mm thick.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How would it not crack in half in pockets? Liquidmetal? Sapphire? Curved display? All three?


      1. .. and the iPod touch isn’t stupidly large either and survives well in pockets. However some observers insist that iPhones need to have much larger screens and it’s pretty obvious that a large, thin iPhone would be less sturdy than a normal sized iPhone that was equally thin.

    1. There are “common facts,” generally referred to as BS or crap. And then there are real facts backed by reason and evidence.

      Adding an “=” does not automatically make things equal.

      1. Correct that takes a ==, = is merely an assignment…


        PS if you don’t understand c you won’t think that’s funny (and you may not, even if you do 😉 )

    2. Apple seems to contradict your statements.

      If it wasn’t for Apple launching the iPhone in 2007 I’m sure we would be still be using stylus on touch screen (Palm Treo).

      If it wasn’t for Apple releasing the iPad in 2010 there would still be net books and MS still would have perfected their Windows Tablet software.

      1. +1

        Is the current thickness really a problem? Is there a massive public outcry… “MY GOD, THIS GROTESQUELY OBESE DEVICE IS HORRIFICALLY INCOMPATIBLE WITH MY SVELTE, WAFER-THIN LIFESTYLE!”
        I really don’t need a thinner iPhone. I would really like to have one that lasts all day, tho.

        1. For people who wear jeans and keep it in their pocket, yes. The iPhone 5 being thinner than iPhone 4 allows it to fit more comfortably in my pocket even though the iPhone 5 actually has a larger surface area.

    1. Good post! Thinner is not always better. I agree that the ultimate ideal is to have the device “disappear” while maintaining the associated functionality and user experience. In the absence of that ideal, I would place more value on:

      1) Extended battery life
      2) Environmentally sealed unit
      3) Increased robustness to impact, scratches, etc.

      If Apple keeps pushing thinness, then we will soon end up with the iPhone knife edge which will be banned by the TSA.

    2. I WILL NOT be happy until the iPhone is as thin – or thinner – than a sheet of paper, with at LEAST a 1 year battery life.
      My arm aches from lifting the current model, and charging it every night on the nightstand as I sleep is a PITA.

    3. Absolutely. I wish Apple’s obsession with “thin” was devoted to things more important – such as improving, as opposed to dumbing down, the Mac’s operating system to match the limits of iOS. The iWork suite is best example – customer comments are running about 9 to 1 in support of the “old” apps they prefer. Apple has abandoned them and the superior features they offer.

    4. By making it thinner they up the ante. Other manufacturers can’t go that thin without sacrificing battery life.

      If Apple doesn’t push the envelope, it will make it easy on their competitors and make it difficult to charge such a premium on their products.

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