Apple’s iPhone 6 to offer choice of 4.7-inch, at least 5.7-inch display sizes, sources say

“According to information coming out of China’s Weibo platform, several Foxconn insiders have revealed that production of the new iPhone 6 will be split between two models, one with a 4.7″ screen, and a 5.7-incher,” GSMArena reports.

“There are even hints at the display possibly even crossing the 5.7-inch mark,” GSMArena reports. “It’s speculated too that all variants will have at least one form of biometrics, which could include fingerprint or eye recognition.”

GSMArena proffers, “It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that Apple would finally embrace the larger screen tendency that’s become prevalent in smartphones in 2013.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I want a bigger iPhone like many, but starting at 4.7″ is too big. We should always have the option of a 4″ model without being relegated to last year’s tech.

    iPhone 6 should be three sizes: medium, large and extra large.

    1. I really don’t think the 4.7″ screens are all that big. Personally they feel downright small to me now. I’ve grow accustomed to the 5.3″ of the Note2. If they were to come out with a 5.7 inch screen iPhone I would never need to use Android ever again. I would even suffer with iOS’s crappy keyboard. However, I would be surprised if they got rid of the 4″ screen altogether. I kinda figured the way Apple would play it would be to keep the 4″ and the largest they would go to would be 4.7″ or some variant that would keep the resolutions compatible among sizes. I sure Apple wants to play with larger screened phones, but I’m not sure if they would actually pull the trigger on a screen that would put them into phablet territory. I’ve also kind of expected that if they did get into that size phone that it runs the risk of being unapologetically plastic due to its size and possible mfg costs. Either way I would run not walk to the nearest Apple store to buy an iPhablet!

      1. I agree that they need to keep the current size available.

        4.7 would be the max they should go for now. One of the companies tryg to fund ubuntu based phones say the “optimum” size would be 4.5.

        In any case, a “simple” line up of the 4 inch and 4.7 would work. Apple might even charge more for the 4.7…

        2014 will be an interesting year either way

  2. Bullshit. Apple have been fiddling about with different screen sizes since the day they started the iPhone/iPad project. The iPad came first but jobs thought a phone was more strategically important.

    I can see a larger screen iPhone, 4.5 maybe but definitely not 5.5.

    1. Always the wisest thing to do just to wait and see. Having said that as a stockholder I think it’s time to end the “size wars” and let people decide for themselves what size iPhone works best for them. Heresy? I guess, but it’s time.

  3. Apple could build an amazing bigger phone. One that lasts two to three times longer. Slimmest fastest, most secure, no gimmicks. But the most amazing feature would be to have no Sim card. Not sure how they’d do that however…just dreaming.

  4. Well, 4.7 inches could mean 396 x 656 pixels which is what you get if you add one column and one row of icons to the home screen. We will just have to wait and see what Apple actually do. Most likely they will surprise all of us.

    1. If they follow the same policy as the 5S the phone may simply grow longer than wider to keep the ‘fits in hand and still completely accessible by thumb’ idea. This will still allow it to fit in your pocket but may stick out a bit more. Oh, and a curved screen to fit your backside better. 😛

  5. I can see 4.7, but I think they would also have to offer a 4″ version. I don’t see that size going away. Just as people want a larger phone, I know just as many who like their smaller phones.

    1. The reality will probably be 4″ and 4.7″ models which is more Apple’s gradual marketing style. I am excited about all of what Apple will be delivering this year. Maybe even investors will become believers again.

  6. I don’t want a bigger iPhone. Why? Because I don’t want bigger clothes or a murse to carry it around. iPhone is the right size. you want bigger? Get a fucking phablet!

  7. It’s a phone! Main use: audio talking & listening!!!! Why this constant push for an audio device to be bigger and bigger? Buy an ipad if you really need a computer or visual monitoring device!

    1. It’s called an iPhone because that term enabled Apple to do something that everyone else had failed at, namely getting regular phone users to adopt PDA’s, or pocket computers, which is exactly what an iPhone is; a hand-held, pocket computer, with a a built-in modem and a telephony app.
      It’s main use, nephew, is NOT talking and listening; a little time spent actually observing iPhone owners on public transport in any major city would show even a dimwit like you that owners spend most time looking at the screen and interacting with whatever app is in use at a given time, along with listening to music.

      1. Obviously you’re not an iPhone owner, because iPhone users have more class than to resort to name calling. As you stated pocket computers with an emphasis on pocket, in fact Steve Jobs and Apple was all about portability. They looked to get as much productivity out of the smallest aesthetic package as possible. What is the purpose of an IPad? To make desktop computing portable. I use my iPhone to quickly keep abreast of communications, email, twitter, facebook etc. I use my IPad to respond comments like yours, and I use my MacBook Pro for the computing a mobile chip, as of now, won’t handle. Thanks for your response.

  8. I can’t understand why all the pitchforks and torches over the prospect of a larger iPhone. Equally senseless are the suggestions that carrying a second device is better than one that is an inch bigger, or to move to Android if one isn’t satisfied with the current iPhone.

    I use my iPhone to make calls, sure, but I type emails and texts so a larger keyboard would be nice. I scrub through songs and videos and a longer scrub bar is more accurate. I read books on my phone, I often prefer “full-site” web pages, I read maps, I draw diagrams and view charts, I use my 5s’ excellent camera—all these uses are undeniably improved with a larger screen. So, too, would I enjoy the benefit of a larger battery or perhaps the addition of an yet-unknown hardware feature afforded by a larger device. I do not wear skinny jeans, nor do I have tiny hands or youthful eyes. Why do some of you care? You’ll certainly still have your smaller option. I mean, I absolutely detest cottage cheese, but it has never once entered my mind to oppose its consumption by anyone. Stand down.

    1. It is funny to see so many here complaining about the thought of a larger iPhone. As though it’s some personal affront. What the hell is that all about anyway? It’s just a larger iPhone. If you don’t like it, don’t fucking buy it. Jeez! I’m not sure who would have a problem getting a 5 inch phone in their pocket? Even those with small hands, and there must be a shitload here, have hands that are larger than 5 inches wide. You put your hand in your pocket. If your hand fits in your pocket then a larger iPhone will fit in your pocket. Simple logic. But I’m sure Apple will keep the 4 inch version for those with small hands. At least for a couple of years.

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