Yet again this year, the only tech worth stealing is Apple’s

“As I have pointed out in years past, crime blotters may be the better measure of who’s on top in the consumer technology market,” David Morgenstern writes for ZDNet. “And once again, the winner is Apple.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, we thought this article was going to be about Samsung.

“This year, Apple stores continued to be broken into, sometimes the criminals using stolen cars to break down the front windows,” Morgenstern writes. “This can be a significant cost issue for Apple, not just for the additional security. The glass and metal finishings require attention from contractors specializing in polishing these materials.”

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  1. “MacDailyNews Take: Oh, we thought this article was going to be about Samsung”

    What it says about society when being the most stolen to some is a badge of honor.

    If the carriers weren’t so against it, a “kill switch” could be set up to make stolen phones nothing more paper weights. Unfortunately, theft just generates so much money for carriers in selling insurance and having people purchase new phones to replace the stolen units

    1. I can’t possibly imagine theft being such a massive revenue generator as to influence decisions.

      I know of people whose phones were stolen (as opposed to just lost, left behind, etc), but there are so few of them, I would venture a guess of about 1 – 2 %. That this would make it more attractive for carriers to NOT pursue technology that could reduce theft and possibly improve customer retention because of that is very difficult to believe.

      Of all the people I know, only ONE person pays for the phone insurance (for theft). His phone was never stolen (yet).

      I would guess that carriers are against it because it would require investment into the technology that doesn’t bring revenue.

      1. Also, you never heard of people being robbed in person for their phones, especially their iPhone? They now have to buy another phone or get into another contract. Not just individuals but also small mom n pop cell stores.

  2. Getting something stolen doesn’t really mean the item is intrinsically any better, just more expensive resulting in a higher payment on sale. 😛

    And between getting their storefront hit by a car and one falling on a customer they may have to think a little harder about their future design and maintenance. Not that they can’t afford it, just that with some choices there are higher costs.

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