Christmas 2013 projected to set another app download record

“Christmas has become the most lucrative day of the year for makers of mobile applications, in what is now the equivalent of a Black Friday for retailers or a Cyber Monday for e-commerce companies. That’s because Dec. 25 is the day that people take the wraps off gifts of smartphones and tablets — immediately spurring many to download games, productivity tools and other apps from Apple Inc.’s App Store and Google Inc.’s Play store,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg.

“This Christmas is projected to set another record for app downloads, following 328 million downloads last Dec. 25 — the busiest day ever — and 36 percent above 2011, according to analytics firm Flurry,” Satariano reports. “According to a Harris survey commissioned by mobile-app and website-testing company Soasta, 30 percent of Americans plan to download an app on Dec. 25.”

“Apple said earlier this year that 2 billion apps were downloaded last December, a monthly record,” Satariano reports. “Christopher Katsaros, a spokesman for Mountain View, California-based Google, didn’t return requests for comment.”

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    1. You have to initiate the download each day. Do yourself a favor and preview first. The first day of Justin Timberlake stuff really sucks and I had to delete the worthless crap. It is absolutely terrible.

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