800-pound Apple Retail Store door falls on customer breaking his pelvis in Maryland

“An 800lbs Apple store door falls on a customer in Maryland and breaks his pelvis,” Sarah Rasheed reports for American Live Wire.

“The man, who has not been publicly named, was reportedly shopping at an Apple Store in Bethesda, Maryland when the 800lbs door fell on top of him,” Rasheed reports. “According to his friend, the doors were only recently installed a few days prior to the incident.”

“The Reddit poster, who goes by maxrezn, stated on the website that the doors were installed a couple of days before the accident took place and that it should be Apple’s responsibility to pay for the damage done to his friend,” Rasheed reports. “Max also stated that his friend has already found a lawyer and plans to sue the store for his broken pelvis.”

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    1. Pelvis breakage is horrible, heavy trauma. Considering how insanely pricey treatment and equipment in USA is, the compensation will have to be much higher than it would have been if this accident would occur elsewhere.

    2. More importantly, the party responsible for making/setting the door wrongly should be investigated and heavily punished — if possible, with criminal charges. This thing could have killed the customer, it is literally crime that this accident has happened.

      1. I agree that whoever installed the doors should be held responsible, but it was not intentional and not a “crime”. If it can be proven that the installers were incompetent, then yes, negligence should be charged, but otherwise, it’s just an accident.

    3. and Im pretty sure Apple aren’t in the business on door making or installing. I doubt that this was done by “Bobs Doors” from around the corner and Id say Apple have paperwork to pass the damages on

      1. Depends. If it was a pattern of knowingly taking risks, from which a reasonable person would have anticipated causing damages, it may be criminal negligence. (IANAL, but if I fire my gun randomly in the air every day, and one day a bullet finally lands and hits somebody, it’s only SORT OF an accident, and I should be charged with a crime.)

    4. I thought this was fake — or a joke — when I saw the headline. It bothers me that all the “friend” wants to do is cash-in. If you really cared, would you be posting to Reddit? Wouldn’t you at least post to Facebook to let your mutual friends know what’s going on?

      If this is completely real and honest, Max has done some damage to his friend’s case. He should be quiet.

    1. I doubt Apple would want to have any substantive talk with the victim without his having found an attorney. Apple will want any settlement to stick legally and be free from any possibility that they misled the man by giving him legal advice. I.e. Apple is a professional organization and encouraging litigants not to have attorneys would be very short sighed.

  1. The veracity of reddit as a news source is pretty thin gruel. If you read the thread, the eager discussants theorize on the thickness and density of glass making up the door. It is more likely that the door weighs 200-250 lbs, still no hollow-core, but not a human flattening experience. Sympathy to the injured person. No props to the human carrion eaters who stand around photographing people in trouble. Liability blah blah blah. Lawyer up.

  2. Bizarre. I’ve never seen the Apple store doors closed except at new product launch times. Usually they are hidden behind the panels at the sides of the open storefront that every Apple store has.

    It would be interesting to hear what actually happened and how the door came to be in the open and not behind their open-position panels where they usually are.

    1. The doors weren’t open because the store was closed. Victim and friend attempted a smash-and-grab and failed. Security camera video will be featured in a late-March episode of America’s Funniest Videos.

  3. I was at Walmart the other day and several of those rollback signs fell off a TV display near me. I was traumatized by the event and feel I should sue for mental anguish. How can I feel safe walking by retail store displays ever again. Time to get a lawyer.

    It is unfortunate that this happened to the guy, if it was really an accident, Apple should take care of the guy.

  4. Now you Americans will get people blocking the entrances and exits of Apple stores in droves, waiting for the doors to fall down on them – for their personal “windfall”.
    Sorry for the dude with the broken pelvis – judging from my own femoral neck bone fraction, it will probably take him the better part of a year to get fit again.
    PS: hope his name wasn’t “Elvis”….

    1. Apple usually has people in front of the doors to keep people back. If you’ve ever seen an iPhone debut, it’s all carefully coordinated. They’ll only let a few people in at a time, and there’s no rushing the door like you see at your typical Walmart, Best Buy, etc. like you’ll see on a Black Friday.

  5. And Apple will sue the company that installed the doors. Last time I checked, Apple makes and sells electronics. I’ve never seen them advertise as door installers. Obviously, the insurance companies will duke this out and settle. That’s why companies have liability insurance. This story try’s to make Apple look guilty for something that isn’t their fault. I guess as long as someone can get a dig at Apple, they’re happy. Typical!

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