OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta reveals FaceTime Audio for Mac

“The OS X 10.9.2 beta first distributed to developers this afternoon includes Apple’s FaceTime audio, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) feature that was originally introduced to the iPhone with iOS 7,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “With FaceTime audio on both iOS and OS X, Apple users will be able to seamlessly call one another from any [Apple] device.”

“FaceTime audio is designed to allow users to initiate voice-only calls with other FaceTime users without turning on the accompanying video feed,” Clover reports. “Currently, Macs running Mavericks only have access to the standard FaceTime app, which bundles both video and audio.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Arline M.” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. What’s even more frustrating, is the fragmentation that the coexistence of iChat and FaceTime has caused
      – between apple and non-apple platforms, exactly at a time that iChat was *finally* gaining compatibility with jabber, msn, skype, …
      – between apple and apple product versions. Even if you have the latest iPhone, iPad, OSX version, forget about doing FaceTime, even with your fellow Apple device owners, because most are still running older versions.

      I used to see a lot of iChat buddies, now I see hardly any.
      Apple has been shooting itself in the foot BIG TIME.

      Apple, please, provide EXISTING users with information on your roadmap, i.e., on what to strive for, in terms of future proof configurations, that will ensure optimal connectivity with new users.
      OTOH, new users get automatically configured (probably, more optimally), without even knowing how they have been set up.

      1. Pretty much how I feel. One thing I loved about Macs was that I could support all my friends and family who I had talked into/helped/bought Macs from Texas to Florida.

        I know there are ways to cobble together those features, but iChat let me screen-share to fix and issue, show them how to do something, drop files, show two people at once a new baby and on and on. It was a sweet setup.

        I see the advantages to FaceTime, and use it daily. I just wish we could have chosen to keep iChat for computer connections.

  1. I guess the dumb pipe telcos won’t be so fast to stop subsidizing iPhones now, since people will be so pissed that they might well do without them at all…

    Subsidy might be the only way to retain customers for a two year period…apples moving do fast Nd unpredictably as usual..,

    You never know when the next disruption is coming ATT…

    1. @breeze, I normally agree w/ your analysis of things, but ATT and the dumb pipes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They own the pipes that feed the wifi. Wifi also doesn’t get you very far when on the road either. No matter the wireless tech used at some point a pipe is involved.

      1. The more telco exclusive features and connectivity alternatives Apple integrates into it’s OSs, the better and off ut’s users and the looser the extortive grip the Telcos will have over choices…

        It’s not easy to provide, develop and universally integrate these, but evry small step like this from apple is a giant step towards emancipation…Eventually Apple will champion most elements of independence for it’s users.

        1. Keep in mind that your WiFi doesn’t travel with you.
          The better choice (eventually) is for DATA only.

          (however, just like in cable, they will still need to charge a certain amount to maintain the infrastructure, regardless of what few choices customers pick)

          1. Fitst of all, there’s this little wonder called airport express, that pretty much brings wifi to most any hotel (or other) room one would typically ‘travel’ to…

            Second, the telco scanario i was referring to was apropos ATT recent hostile statements (trial baloons…?) hinting that cannot/will not cntinue theor subsidizing of iPhones into the future, which opened the floodgates to speculation about apple suffering drastically as a result…

            Besides the fact that Apple has plenty of leverage on the dumb telcos that should make them think twice (ie: iPad data plans, which Apple could bundle exclusvely as rewards to whomever does continue subsidies…) telocs think they have consumers over a bundle becuase they are indispensable…

            This forthcoming apple offering of voice independently of telcos, is a big deal (albeit a relatively small step) in the right direction of losening the telcos iron grip on consumers, so though you are right about maintainence fees for theor infrustructure, the telcos infrastructur and tower network are a disgrace overal and they are making money hand over fist for esenntially little service or brilliance. They are just greedy nasty companies that do little for their customers unless they are under the gun.

            1. It’s not the typos that hurt your argument.
              Oddly, I have no contract on my iPhone anymore (I use a work phone) but my iPhone still picks up WiFi at many ATT places.

              Secondly, I have several Expresses, and none work while driving.

              I don’t know what is disgraceful about their towers. ATT just signed a multi-billion dollar deal to have them maintained by a company, and this after having major upgrades to most.

              Keep in mind, not every tower company can just drop everything (yikes!) and run to the telcos to upgrade their tens-of-thousands of towers at once. Tower work actually got dangerous for awhile because of the rush of wannabes jumping (yikes!) into the business.

              The next complaint you will have (I’m giving you a three year heads up) is that they haven’t rolled out more millimeter-wave sites to handle the crushing DATA flow that is hitting all ISPs. Then it will be because more fiber hasn’t been run under your streets to tie them in, then it will be because they don’t hand off to your cable (gasp!!!).

              I have no clue what trade you are in, but it must be waaaaaaay more complicated than what the telcos do for you to think they are THAT incompetent.

            2. You have a very narrow field if view you must either work for a telco or live in a small radius. I’m well entrenched in a technology driven field and trade.

            3. I work for an ISP with systems in 4 states.
              The telcos are our competition.
              How does that narrow my view?

              I am not defending what they do, merely explaining the reality.
              There certainly must be misgivings for whatever ‘technology driven field’ you are in that you could clear up for others outside your expertise.
              Does that mean your view of that field is a ‘small radius’?

  2. I guess the dumb pipe telcos won’t be so fast to stop subsidizing iPhones now, since people will be so pissed that they might well do without them at all…

    Subsidy might be the only way to retain customers for a two year period…Apple’s moving so fast and unpredictably as usual…

    You never know when the next disruption is coming ATT…

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