10 signs Apple is very serious about China

“Apple has taken giant steps to connect with Chinese consumers as it approaches the China Mobile iPhone deal,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “It knows China will become the world’s biggest Apple market.”

“pple now offers Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support across OS X and iOS 7,” Evans writes. “iOS 7 introduced a Chinese-English bilingual dictionary; handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters; and support for Chinese microblogging service Tencent Weibo. More recently, Apple opened Chinese language Support forums.”

“Apple is actively engaged in creating tight engagement with customers in China at many levels of its business,” Evans writes. “It is already working hard to win customers there.”

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  1. It’s great that they are expanding there business. However, they best be careful in how they handle the customer base they already have and the employees they are hiring to service them.

    Current view of Customer Service is slipping with an increase in satisfaction and good feelings. Employee satisfaction is slipping confirmed by Fortune magazine ranking Apple at 35th while Google is in the top 10

    1. Hey Walt, not sure where you specifically got your info (Forture, Forbes, etc do not like Apple for the most part) but customer satisfaction with Apple and its customer service usually runs around 95% satisfied or highly satisfied acceding to most of the reviews I have seen.

      Samsung really does not have a customer service, you go thru the store you bought the item at or if you call in you get the run around for days before they quit answering your number.

      PS, my thoughts on why Google would rate high is that they do not charge for most of what they do (except to take all your info and sell it to the highest and lowest bidders).

      Just a thought.

      1. I’d really wonder how Apple would not get the highest customer satisfaction ratings above any other company. After all, at least Apple has retail stores that can directly deal with customers. Most other companies do not on the scale that Apple has.

        Apple sells such a small line-up of products that usually are not modified physically in any way so it should be a lot easier to trouble-shoot problems satisfactorily. It makes it a lot easier to simply swap devices whenever possible. After coming in with a problem I would think a very high number of customers would walk away satisfied.

        For the most part I would think it’s a good thing that Apple makes products that are not easy to tinker with. I know the tinkerers hate it but they aren’t the majority of Apple customers. A tinker-proof product just makes it that much easier to trouble-shoot any problems. Even though I like to take things apart I completely understand Apple’s position and reasons for doing things their way.

    2. I believe you are talking about employee satisfaction. That has nothing to do with customer satisfaction. Apple is number 1 in that. I believe the decrease in employees response was because Apple employees in the valley see Google employees gain more in stock options the past year. BTW Apple is still getting 5,000 applications for each position it posts. So go back an retread the report yup are referring to.

    3. To be perfectly clear, Apple scored 34th last year and 35th this year. There’s no slipping, because the actual score has been the same the last 6 years. It’s the rankings of other companies that have changed. Let me repeat, Apple’s employee satisfaction score has NOT changed in 6 years. The ranking has varied during those 6 years from as low as 34th to as high as 10th, but that’s due to other company’s scores, not Apple’s.

  2. My comments were not supportive of any other provider. I am I-Phone, I-Pad, & Mac Pro. Comments are directed to dissatisfied service observations when I’m at the Apple Store, forums at Apple website. Google was rated by its Employees as in top 10; not its customers. I’m not an advocate of google. Apples products are hands over the best over any other.

    The issue is service. Saying your better than other poor service carriers is not saying much. Are you what us expected of you and what you are known for? Apple service is deteriorating.

  3. It’s only natural Apple would have increased Chinese language support with iPhones on both China Telecom and China Unicom carriers. It would seem to be a given to improve language support for wherever your products are being sold. Wouldn’t every manufacturer do that much without being excessively ‘serious’?

    Apple management says China will become Apple’s biggest market and yet you’ve got these analysts saying that Apple might not be able to move 12 million iPhones a year on China Mobile. That’s one huge freaking gap of credibility. That big a disparity makes me quite concerned why Wall Street and Apple see things so differently about the Chinese consumer.

  4. “Wall Street and Apple see things so differently about the Chinese consumer”

    Well, why should this issue be any different from all the other issues Wall Street does not “get” about Apple ?

    1. You’ve got a point there. However, this is such a glaring disparity with China having such a huge population and how China is supposed to becoming such a wealthy nation yet suddenly almost no one in China can afford an iPhone. China’s middle class alone is made up of about 300 million people which is greater than the U.S. and their incomes could be between $15,000 and $60,000, so it’s not like they can’t exactly afford iPhones. I don’t exactly know what the analysts are seeing. Chinese peasants tending pigs and sheep only buying Android smartphones?

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