Macworld Editors’ Choice Awards: The best products of 2013

“Hundreds of products pass through the hands of the Macworld editors every year. Some are much-anticipated devices riding a wave of hype; others are quietly released and seemingly come from nowhere,” Macworld writes. “We see offerings from Fortune 500 companies, one-person outfits, and everything in between. Out of all those candidates, a few stand out above the rest. We recognize these products with an Editors’ Choice Award, or Eddy.”

“For the 2013 Eddys, we started with a list of over 150 nominees (only products released between November 1, 2012, and November 1, 2013, including iOS apps, were considered),” Macworld writes. “The Macworld editors then have a series of meetings where we discuss the merits of each nominee and whether a given product meets our standards for quality, utility, innovation, value, and excellence. Eventually we arrive at the two lists (Hardware and Software) that you see here, each in alphabetical order—the winners of the Macworld Editors’ Choice Awards.”

The Apple products to win awards this year:
• iPad Air
• iPhone 5s
• iPhoto 2.0 for iOS
• Logic Pro X

See all of Macworld‘s best products of 2013 in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. hardware:
    Logitech – K811 keyboard
    OWC – Envoy Pro EX portable hard drive
    Apple – iPad Air
    Apple – iPhone 5s
    Adonit – Jot Script stylus for Evernote
    Kindle – Paperwhite
    MultiSync – EA294WMi monitor
    Fujitsu – ScanSnap scanner
    Seagate – Wireless Plus portable hard drive

    AgileBit – 1Password 4
    Surtees Studios – Bartender
    SuperMegaUltraGroovy – Capo 3
    Agile Tortoise – Drafts
    omz:software – Editorial
    Flexibits – Fantastical 2
    Iter9 – Frax
    Quote-Unquote – Highland
    Apple – iPhoto 2.0 for iOS
    Black Pixel – Kaleidoscope 2
    Stairways Software – Keyboard Maestro 6
    Contrast – Launch Center Pro
    Apple – Logic Pro
    Brett Terpstra – nvALT
    Creaceed – Prismo 2
    Bare Bones Software – TextWrangler 4.5
    … and a couple games


      1. happy to help!

        I will say that this list is full of sleepers — the kind of stuff that just isn’t very impressive at fist glance, but which proves itself with use.

        Props to the Envoy Pro EX external drive. Apple really needs to work with them to put some serious drive space into a kickass 500gb iPod Classic.

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